Ecommerce Q & ACategory: Selling on FlipkartFalse reattempt marked, nobody came to pickup
Curious Guy Staff asked 3 months ago
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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 3 months ago

Please get the order ID and tracking ID of the order shipment where the wrong reattempt has been marked.
If the logistic partner assigned for that tracking ID is Ekart Logistics, please use the ‘Proof of Pickup’ report.
This can be downloaded from the “Pending Handover” tab by selecting the Logistic Partner Name and Date on which false reattempt has been marked.
In the downloaded PDF, please check the ‘Pickup expected’ and ‘Successful inscan’ counts. If Successful Inscan count < Pickup expected count, Ekart Logistics had to mark reattempt on one or more shipments. Now, search that tracking ID in the ‘Picked Up Shipments’ list of the downloaded PDF. If this tracking ID cannot be found in the ‘Picked Up Shipments’ list, the reattempt marked is correct, NOT false.
If the aforementioned does not satisfy your query, please contact Seller Support and share the Order ID and Tracking ID where false reattempt was marked.

Order was already cancelled, still reattempt marked.

A pick up re-attempt happens when a seller fails to hand over a shipment that has been marked as “Ready To Dispatch”. It is imperative that the sellers, should not mark shipments as “Ready To Dispatch” if they have not finished  processing the order.