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Curious Guy Staff asked 3 months ago

What are the things every Flipkart seller must do to improve his seller performance?

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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 3 months ago

Flipkart Seller Performance:
Your Fulfilment Performance Is Measured In Terms Of Metrics Standardised By Flipkart. According To These Metrics, You Need To Avoid Seller Cancellations, Reattempts And RTD Breach. You Can Improve Your Performance By Complying With The Below Mentioned Measures:
Seller Cancellation Rate

  • Update Your Stock File Regularly By Filling In The Right Selling Price And Quantity.
  • Enter The Stock Size As Per Workable Limits. Avoid Entering Maximum Stock Size For The Listings Which You Would Be Unable To Fulfill.
  • If An Ordered Item Is Not Available In Your Inventory, Try To Force Source It To Fulfill On Time.
  • If You Are Unable To Source A Product, Inactivate The Listing Immediately To Avoid Cancellations.

RTD Breach Rate

  • Assign Procurement SLA’s To Listing As Per Your Order Processing Capabilities.
  • Assign A Single Day Procurement SLA ONLY For The Items That Are Available In Your Inventory.
  • In Case Of Exigencies Like Unavailability Of Resources Or Market Stock Crunch Increase The Procurement SLAs Across Listings Immediately To Avoid RTD Breach.
  • Always Process The Orders On First Come First Serve Basis.
  • Avoid Last Day Processing Of Orders.

Reattempts Rate

  • Pack The Product Immediately After Marking RTS.
  • Mark RTS ONLY On Ordered Items That You Are Able To Pack Before FE’s Arrival.
  • Avoid Marking All The Pending Orders As RTS At Once.
  • Ensure That You Process And Pack Your Orders In-Line With EKL’s Pickup Timings.
  • Use The Holiday Calendar To Avoid Pickups On Your Holidays.

You Can Check Your Performance Metrics In The Weekly Seller Report Card Which Is Sent To You Via Email.