Ecommerce Q & ACategory: DropshippingHow do I start a dropshipping business?
Curious Guy Staff asked 5 months ago
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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 5 months ago

I’ll proceed to the next steps of starting a dropshipping business assuming you already have a product in mind. A quick rundown of the business model:
Here are a few things you can do right now:
Find a Reliable Supplier
One of the most important aspects of running a profitable drop shipping company is finding reliable suppliers. However, there are a few prerequisites you must meet before you begin your quest. Wholesalers, for example, need evidence that you are a manufacturer rather than a buyer looking to save money by buying in bulk.
Contact Manufacturers 
You should look for producers and ask them (via email or phone) if they can drop ship the products before approaching wholesalers. If you’re going after a smaller niche, it’s better to go with a maker.
Use Google to your advantage.
If you’re looking for a great supplier, Google is your best friend. Here are some keywords to consider:
“wholesale product name”
“dropshipping product name”
“Product name maker,” “Product Name Dealer,” and so on.
Think of partnering with a fulfilment company that has a track record of success.
Partnering with a reputable drop shipping wholesaler is another choice. For example, Wholesale Central has thousands of products from fewer than 500 vendors, with a significant portion of those items coming from trusted brands.
You should start selling the product once you’ve found your dropshipping partner. However, since you’ll be new to the market, consumers will be unaware of your listings. That’s why you’ll need to get the word out about your services. You can do it in a variety of ways:
Invest in SEO and Content Marketing: If you’re opening a custom store, you’ll need to draw traffic before you can make some money. Customers should be informed of your existence for the first 4-5 months. You might, for example, write an ebook about your business, start a blog, and accept guest contributions.