Ecommerce Q & ACategory: Facebook AdsHow much important is Facebook ads headline?
Curious Guy Staff asked 4 months ago

Can I turn a failed facebook ads campaign into a profitable one? How much is the ad headline important. What is a good ad headline?

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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 4 months ago

One of my best friends is a kingpin in the eCommerce space.

The guy has built numerous 7-figure monsters…

And he’s helped dozens of clients do the same!

He brought one of his projects to my agency for us to scale…

It was totally new from a paid traffic and funnel perspective.

Not one single ad or funnel was ever done to this point

However, the product was selling like cake to kids at fat camp on Amazon!

My bud had built a killer funnel for this product.

In our market research, we identified a key pain point our ideal customer had that this product solves.

So we created a headline around that pain.

Speaking directly to the customer.

We launched ads and tested.

Sales were happening…


We spent $7k testing the first month and only brought in about $3500 in sales.

Month two, we kept tweaking the post-test, images, videos, settings in the campaign…


However, we kept the original headline.

We got the campaign to break even to ad spend.

We spent $15k and made back $15k.

Month three, we needed to make the campaign turn a profit.

So we started examining the headline.

We asked questions like:

What is it about the way we’re saying this that is turning people off?

How can we change this to convey the same message without being so direct?

Is there a way we can make the copy more credible?

Here’s the original headline:

Whitens Embarrassingly Discolored Teeth

Here’s the altered headline we came up with:

My Dentist’s Confession About My Embarrassingly Discolored Teeth

Using our proven methodology, we launched new tests with this headline.

Immediately sales poured in.

We spent $30k and made $70k that month!

Nothing was changed to the funnel.

Nothing was changed with the audiences.

Nothing was changed with the targeting.

It was all the positioning of the creative.

This is something that amateurs NEVER get…

And very few “professionals” really understand!

The reason the new headline worked is twofold:

1) We removed the talking directly to the ideal customer.

In this case, telling them their discoloured teeth are embarrassing doesn’t elicit ENOUGH buying behavior to make the campaign profitable.

By putting it into a story format where the dentist is the center of attention deflects the messaging so the viewer doesn’t feel bad personally.

2) Adding the dentist angle gives a level of credibility the ad didn’t have before.

After generating over $100 million in online sales now…

For every kind of product or service imaginable…

I can assure you that most campaigns are only one tweak away from being massively profitable.