Ecommerce Q & ACategory: Selling on FlipkartHow to add variants to any Flipkart Product listing?
Curious Guy Staff asked 3 months ago
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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 3 months ago

How to group your products under one listing on Flipkart seller panel.

Grouping Refers To The Process Of Displaying All The Variants Of A Product With The Same Design And Pattern Together On A Product Page Without Having To Create Multiple Product Pages For The Same Product.
flipkart product variant creation
For Example: A Dress Has 2 Size Variants And 4 Colour Variants. 
Now Let Us Understand What A Variant Is?
Size, Colour, Storage Capacity, Flavours, quantity pack, etc. Qualify To Be Variants Of A Product.
Below Are The Guidelines To Be Followed While Grouping Your Products:
(A) One Of The Attributes In The Group Should Be Unique.
(B) The Products You Wish To Group Should Be Of The Same Design And Pattern.
(C) The Products Should Be Of The Same Vertical As Products Of Different Verticals Cannot Be Grouped Together.
(D) Group ID* Of The Product Has To Be The Same For All The Products In A Group.
*Group ID Refers To An Attribute Value That Will Group The Products Of Different Sizes And Colors But Of The Same Designs And Patterns.”
Click Here To Try It Out For Single Listing And Here For Bulk Listing.
How to change my group ID on Flipkart listing?

Group ID Is An Internal Term Used To Classify Your Product Variants Under A Single Group And Is Not Visible To The Buyer.
Also, Once The Group ID For A Specific Product, You Can Not Change It.

Please Contact Seller Support With The List Of Products You Wish To Group Along With A Group ID Of The Products That Need To Be Grouped.