Ecommerce Q & ACategory: ShopifyHow to bring traffic to my Shopify store?
Curious Guy Staff asked 5 months ago

Please guide me with the ways to bring traffic to my shopify store for FREE.

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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 5 months ago

How to increase traffic to your store?
Organic traffic, paid traffic, social media traffic, direct traffic, and referral traffic are some of the options.
These are the following:
Organic traffic is the traffic generated as a result of your SEO activities.
Direct traffic occurs when individuals go directly to a website because they are familiar with it and know what they are looking for.
Referral traffic: People talking about you and linking to your website from “big names.”
Paid traffic comes from places like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other paid sources.
Social traffic is simple: it’s the traffic that comes from your social media accounts.
Increasing the conversion rate of the traffic you’re bringing in
This is critical because no matter how good your traffic is if your store isn’t built or prepared to convert, it won’t matter.
Keeping the customers who have already purchased from you by being in touch with emails and SMS campaigns.
Converting new customers is much more expensive than persuading existing customers to buy from you again! Give them a cause to keep coming back to you for more.
What do you believe are the most significant considerations while selling on Shopify?