Ecommerce Q & ACategory: Selling on FlipkartWhat are the fees charged to sellers in case of Returns on Flipkart?
Curious Guy Staff asked 3 weeks ago
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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 3 weeks ago

A Return Payment Is Charged To You Only When The Product Is Delivered To The Customers, And They Raised A Return.
The Returns on Flipkart are basically of two Types:
A. Courier Return: It Is Also Called RTO(Return To Origin). The Product Is Returned Back To You Without Being Delivered To The Customer.
The Courier Return Usually Happens When The Customer Is Not Available, When The Product Is Attempted Delivery, Customer Rejects The Product While Delivery, Customer’s Address Or Number Incorrect, Etc.
When The Courier Return Happens, There Will Not Be Any Charge Applicable To You.
B. Customer Return: The Product Is Returned By The Customer After The Delivery Due To Size Issue, Color Issue, Damaged Product, Etc.
For Customer Return You Will Be Charged a Shipping Fee, Reverse Shipping Fee, A Collection Fee And Pick-Pack Fee (FBF). Commission And Fixed Fees Will Not Be Charged For Customer Returns. This rule is applicable till 31st Dec 2021.
New Update on 23/Dec/2021:
In response to prioritizing customers’ experience and reducing returns in the upcoming year, Flipkart will only be reversing the Commission fee to you and not the Fixed fee whenever a customer places a return. This will be effective on all customer returns placed after January 01, 2022.
This basically means you will get back only the Commission Fee in case of Customer Returns on Flipkart. This means Sellers on Flipkart are going to bear more loss on Customer Return Orders from 01 Jan 2021.
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