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Hello, I am a cloth merchant. I want to sell my merchandise on the Ajio website. Please guide me on how can I get started as a seller on Ajio?

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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 15 hours ago

What is Ajio?
Ajio is a Reliance Retail subsidiary. It primarily focuses on fashion shopping, featuring top brands and a diverse selection of merchandise. With the support of the Reliance Group, it has risen to the top of India’s top five eCommerce marketplaces. Ajio began with its own private label brand and has since expanded to include vendors from all around India.

Benefits of selling on Ajio?

  1. Reliance is a big Brand in Itself -Trusted Platform
  2. Ajio is one of India’s Top 5 E-Commerce Sites
  3. Other marketplaces are much crowded. Huge opportunity for new sellers to sell on Ajio.
  4. Exciting benefits are offered by Reliance to the sellers.

How to register as an Ajio seller?

The following documents are required:
Aadhar Card – government-issued identification card.
Current Account in a bank
To register, you must first submit your information for verification. The procedure is outlined below.
Step 1: Go to and then select new supplier registration.
Step 2: Provide your PAN and the name of your company.

Step 3: Fill in your UAM and Memorandum Number if you are an MSME; if not, skip this step and click NEXT.
Step 4: Click NEXT after entering the registered office address.
Step 5: Enter your phone number and confirm it using an OTP.

Step 6: When prompted, select Product Category from the drop-down menu and type MARKET.
Step 7: Accept the terms and conditions and submit your application. A Request ID will be assigned to you.
Wait for verification; you should hear back between 2-5 days. You will receive instructions to activate your account in the email.
You can send a mail to in case there is a delay in receiving any response.