Ecommerce Q & ACategory: Facebook AdsWhat is Facebook Surfing Strategy?
Curious Guy Staff asked 6 months ago
1 Answers
digitalsunilsah Staff answered 6 months ago

Facebook surfing strategy is a way of scaling to the moon in a very short period of time. It’s an effective way of scaling but you need to be sitting in front of the computer and managing ads very precisely. Let me explain to you with an example.
Let’s say that you find a winner having  30+ Profitable Sales.
Example: Back Corrector 
Currently Profitable CPP: $15
Create Adset with CPP*30
Budget PER ADSET: $15*30=$450

Start at 12am
Around 8 am you should expect 8-10 sales.
If Less than 8 sales + Unprofitable? KILL ADSET
If Profitable, then at 8 am DOUBLE YOUR BUDGET $450 > $900
You DOUBLE your sales.
ROAS decrease 10-20% BUT increase in sales make up for it.

ROAS dip 20-30%: Let it run at $900
ROAS dip 0-15%: Double AGAIN to $1800
12 AM RESET for next day
Lower budget by 50%, Back to $1800 > $900

Turn back on adsets that didn’t get 8-10 sales by 8 am at $450 again.
If keeps having the same result 3 times then don’t rinse & repeat that asset.
Reset to $450 if you did $900 the previous day
Reset to $450 if you did $1800 the previous day
Reset to $900 if you did $1800 at HIGH ROAS the previous day
(allows you to scale $900>$1800>$3600)
This is a unique way of scaling which many experienced dropshippers use as it’s very risky.