Ecommerce Q & ACategory: Selling on FlipkartWhat is the meaning of F-Assured? How to get F Assured on Flipkart?
Curious Guy Staff asked 2 months ago

Please help me how can I get F Assured badge on Flipkart? What are the criteria and conditions to get F-Assured?

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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 2 months ago

This is a reply from Flipkart Support Team which explains how you can get F Assured on Flipkart. Please go through the criteria and see if you meet them.

What is the meaning of F-Assured? How to get F Assured on Flipkart?

Flipkart Support Team Reply:

I acknowledge your query regarding “How to get F Assured Badge”.
I would like to inform you that the F-assured badge is given based on the below eligibility criteria.

What is the benefit of Flipkart F Assured Badge?
The Flipkart Assured badge will give customers the assurance of improved customer experience (faster speed of delivery, reliable fulfilment and better product quality), which will result in increased sales for you.
1. Only Flipkart Fulfilment and Smart Fulfilment listings are currently eligible for getting the F-assured badge.
2. Customer returns should be below the benchmark set by Flipkart
3. Product Rating should be above the benchmark set by Flipkart
Please note: You should try to keep the rating index as high as possible. [The performance benchmark for customer returns and ratings is similar to seller tiering benchmarks. Your vertical benchmark for Customer returns and rating is applicable for all products listed in that vertical].

How frequently does the Flipkart Assured badge change? 
The Flipkart Assured badge is lost only when we believe that the listing is not meeting the quality standards as promised to the customer. If your listing performs better, the Flipkart Assured badge will be awarded.
The right to give the Flipkart Assured badge rests with Flipkart.

How to Opt-In for F Assured?
I would like to inform you that, You can confirm the auto opt-in option on your dashboard by following the below steps:
Step 1 – Login to Seller Dashboard
Step 2 – Click on “Manage Profile”
Step 3 – Click on “Settings”
Step 4 – Click on “F-Assured Settings”
Step 5 – You will see a Pop-up – Auto Opt-in to Flipkart Assured
Step 6 – Click on “OK”

Flipkart Seller Portal >> Apply filter for F Assured >> Eligible for F-Assured >> Select Listing >> Click on Bulk Action >> Add to F-Assured Listing.
By following the above steps, all the active eligible listings will become part of the Flipkart Assured Program. Also in the future whenever a listing becomes eligible for F-Assured, it will be automatically added to Flipkart Assured Program.

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