Dropshipping Q & ACategory: ShopifyGive an Example of Newsletter Signup Email Shopify?
Curious Guy Staff asked 9 months ago

Please give the script of email to be sent to customers and new subscribers who subscribes to the newsletter at my shopify store.

1 Answers
Sunil Sah Staff answered 9 months ago

Below is the exact e-mail script which you can send whenever someone subscribe to your newsletter.
It’s “YOUR NAME” here from “STORE NAME”,
I am the Director here and just wanted to thank you for joining our exclusive family.
We really do value our customers and are always adding new and cool products to our store.

To say thank you, we are giving you a coupon code to save 10% OFF on anything you buy at our store.
If you have any problems, do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Treat yourself today and enjoy ­čÖé

Kind regards
“Your Name”
Director – “STORE NAME”

Get Extra 10% OFF Store-wide


You can also include coupon images and links for any special offer you want to promote.