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Curious Guy Staff asked 1 week ago

How to know whether the website is legitimate or not?

What should I check before shopping on a new online store?

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digitalsunilsah Staff answered 1 week ago

Online shopping is growing in popularity, and it’s a perfect way to help small businesses. That has never been more critical than in 2021, but how can you be sure you’re shopping on a legitimate website or legitimate online store?
What To Look For on an Online Shopping Store?
Here are some examples of how you can tell:
1) Does the website have a professional appearance?
Is there an excessive number of popups? Look for stores that offer a straightforward and attractive shopping experience. When a company considers your shopping experience when designing their website, it means they’ve done their homework to make your shopping experience as productive and friendly as possible, with no more than one popup interfering with your browsing.
2) Is it too nice to be true in terms of pricing? Is all discounted?
A good company understands how to price in order to provide you with a good deal while still being profitable. Keep an eye out for stores that have slightly cheaper prices than rivals or don’t use coupon codes for sales.
3) Do the product images appear to be professionally taken?
Are you able to clearly see the product you’re considering buying? Legitimate companies can take the time to produce simple, one-of-a-kind product images. Make sure what you’re looking at isn’t a photo taken from some website. The clearer the picture, the better; you’ll want to make sure you can see the product clearly.
4) Is it possible to reach out to the company and obtain a prompt response?
Is there a postal address or can you contact them? Do they seem to be truly interested in delivering customer service? It’s not a good idea to give them money if they don’t respond to your questions. Furthermore, having an address or a way to reach them is important for feeling secure in the knowledge that they will not vanish overnight. If you look at their social media accounts, you’ll notice that they interact with their followers in the comments section.
5) Look for policies on the website and during the checkout process.
Is there some kind of shipping policy in place?
Is it possible to find out how long shipping to your country would take?
Clear policies show that the company has legal terms in place and that both you and the company have obligations to ensure a smooth transaction.
Shipping and return policies are also relevant because you have a good image of what you should expect your order and what to do if it doesn’t suit or work out for you once you get it. Keep in mind that not all companies must provide a full refund; instead, they can provide an exchange or store credit.
6) How long has the business been open?
There are a lot of great companies starting up, but if they’re brand new, look for other signs that they’re legitimate. In their About Us or Story pages, look for a hint as to who they are. Examine their social media profiles to see how long they’ve been involved. Check to see if they’ve ever done business with you in person.
Many companies have moved to the internet and now provide online shopping as a new service. This can be difficult to assess, but in this case, you’ll want to check other variables to ensure that you’re protected.
7) Are they still being followed by other customers?
Social networking links should be visible in the footer of their website. Are they conversing with their followers on those accounts? What are the opinions of others on them? When it comes to having a good feel for a business, social proof is crucial.
Consumers are usually forthright about their experiences. Good companies interact with their fans on social media or in blog articles, demonstrating that they care for their customers.

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