Dropshipping Q & ACategory: DropshippingWhere to advertise my dropshipping store in India for free?
Curious Guy Staff asked 7 months ago

What are the ways to promote an Indian Dropshipping Store for FREE. How to bring free traffic to my store?

1 Answers
Sunil Sah Staff answered 7 months ago

Here’s a quick solution for how to advertise my dropshipping store in India for free. Bringing FREE Sales in India is not a tough job especially if you offer Cash On Delivery as a payment option. There are many ways you can promote your store for FREE. Here are a few ways to get started with:

  • PRODUCT PAGE SEO: If you are running your dropshipping store on Shopify platform, it’s become quite easy for you to rank your product page on google. Shopify offers you many SEO options like writing a custom meta-title,  Meta-description, including alt+text in images on product gallery as well as the product description. SEO takes time and you need to put in the extra effort and believe in the process to get effective results.
    1. Search for buyers intent keyword on google.
    2. Check what all stores are already raking on the 1st page of google for the same keyword.
    3. Take a look at your competitor’s product page, meta-title and description. The idea is to make our copy better than the competitors. Make a list of helping keywords.
    4. Write the Product Title and Description based on the main keyword and helping keywords.
    5. Include the keyword in all images alt text
    6. Write a meta title and meta description
    7. Write a blog around your product and link it to your product page.


  •  SHARE ON FACEBOOK GROUPS: It works always. What most of the newbies do is they just go on sharing a bunch of their product links in various groups for first few days and when they do not get any sale, they say this method does not work. You need to understand why would someone bother about your post or product. Are you doing any value addition to their life in any way? You should keep these this in mind before sharing on Facebook groups.
    • As soon as you join a group do not start spamming with your website or product links. Most of the admins do not entertain this. Try to give some value to the audience. Let say you sell products in Yoga niche and you join multiple yoga and fitness groups. Try to share some good quality tips and videos to the audience, some fruitful information, images etc. Try building trust among the audience first. After being consistent for a few weeks start sharing some content related to your product. For example: if your product is foot massager, you can share a blog from your website which explains how to use a foot massager properly and what are the benefits of using it. Have a link to the product page in the blog. Do not share your product page directly in Facebook groups. Focus on providing value to people and sales will naturally come.


  • SHARING ON INSTAGRAM:  Instagram is becoming more popular in India, especially after a ban on TikTok. Create a business page for your website and keep sharing content on a regular basis. Use relevant #hastags for each post and remember not to use the same hashtag in every post.


  • SHARING ON FACEBOOK PAGE: Create a Facebook business page and keep posting regular content on it. By content, I don’t mean to share your products. Share stuff related to your brand or niche. If you have a fitness products store share fitness tips, motivation quotes, ideas, etc. I any way you must provide some value to the audience.


  • SHARING CONTENT ON PINTEREST: Pinterest is a great source of free traffic to your e-commerce store. Pinterest pins also show up in google search results. Create a business account on Pinterest and share valuable content, post, products links. Pinterest let you put a link for each of your PIN which is great. Use SEO keywords in title, description and relevant tags.

If you follow all these simple steps on a regular basis, you will be getting sales for FREE. But we can’t deny the fact that these methods take time to bring results and if you are someone who does not have patience, you can go for paid advertising which gives you sales from day 1. If you are a long term planner and serious about your business, then you have to follow these strategies and methods. Good Luck!