Dropshipping Q & ACategory: Shopify AppsWhich is the best multiple facebook pixel tracking shopify app?
Karen W asked 12 months ago

Please recommend the best multiple facebook pixel tracking app that actually works. I want to use the main pixel along with other pixels for separate tracking on each collection. Recommend an app which supports demo or walk through option.

1 Answers
Sunil Sah Staff answered 12 months ago

As per our experience WinAds: Pixels & Analytics is the best and the reason why I am saying this is because of the features and 24/7 customer support.
You can add unlimited pixels and specify their purpose. Main pixel, back up, collection, tag and yes it will let you use pixel even for UTM parameters.

Another thing that is amazing is hyper pixel events. Hyper pixel events are the unique Facebook pixel events and you can create custom and lookalike audiences using these events.Events like Showed interest, pre-purchase upsell, High spender, cross buyer along with standard events is something unique.

You can add your Google account and create audiences directly from the audience builder inside the app. Support offers on-boarding sessions with the CS manager and you can choose the time according to your convenience for a quick demo and walk through the app.

Win Ads is the Facebook pixel best app that is not just for multiple pixels but for advance marketing.