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If I add any product from aliexpress, will EPROLO be able to ship that product from their own shipping methods?

Whether EPROLO would be able to source and ship items from aliexpress?

If not please explain to me what process EPROLO follow so that I have a better understanding of what kind of products should I import to my Shopify store from EPROLO dropshipping app.

digitalsunilsah Answered question November 18, 2022

This is the reply from EPROLO Dropshipping Team:

Eprolo has nothing to do with AliExpress. We have our own supplier, and all packages are sent from Eprolo’s own warehouse.

If you just import Aliexpress products into Eprolo, the Eprolo page cannot display available information about the product.

After you have an order for the AliExpress product you imported, our product team will confirm the product information with our supplier and make a quotation before you can see the available information on the Epolo Orders page. It is recommended that you place a test order first to view more specific information.

Then you can follow the steps below to place a test order.

1. Find the product you want to order and add it to the Import List;

2. Push the product to your Shopify store from the Import List;

3. Create an order from your Shopify admin, add your address info and the product to the order;

4. Mark the order as paid and it will be synced to EPROLO

Please note that if you just want to check the price and shipping cost of AliExpress products, please do not pay for the order after we have quoted for the test order. Otherwise, we will fulfil the test order for you. Thank you for your understanding.

digitalsunilsah Answered question November 18, 2022
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