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To value the time and effort you dedicate to take Meesho to newer heights, Meesho has started a Reward and Recognition Program for exceptional fulfilment performance.
This award program will take place every month and will be open to all suppliers from all volume segments.

Your performance will be recognized basis of the following:

Late Dispatch Rate – Orders to be dispatched within their defined SLA with late dispatches to be low.
Supplier Cancellation Percentage – Cancellations from the supplier to be at a minimum.
Partial Handover Percentage – The pickup Percentage for the supplier to be high with Partial Handover to the logistics partner being low.
O2M – Order to Manifestation timeline to be low.
NDD % – Percentage of catalogues tagged to Next Day Dispatch to be high.
Sunday Dispatches – The volume of shipments dispatched on Sunday is high.
Wrong Fulfilment Returns – Customer Returns due to wrong fulfilment by the supplier should be low.
Supplier Catalog Quality – The Catalog Rating for the supplier for the month is high.

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