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What are the things that should be avoided to prevent facebook ads ban or why Facebook ban usually occurs?

digitalsunilsah Answered question October 5, 2022

What Triggers Facebook To Ban You
Here’s a list of the “typical” things that will trigger facebook to ban you

1) Being logged into multiple profiles on one device. I find more than 2 profiles on one computer will easily cause security flags and you could potentially lose the accounts (unless it’s your original profile with years of history). If you have 3+ profiles logged into the same device, you’ll at the very least be regularly having to reset your password etc. due to security flags

2) Trying to advertise too quickly

If you make a fake account, you’ll almost certainly have it killed by Facebook if you attempt to advertise within days or even weeks of creation.

What’s crazy is if you even have a REAL account that’s new to advertising, you’re almost guaranteed to have it immediately restricted and then required to submit a form of ID for verification when first attempting to create campaigns etc.

3) Violating Policy Consistently

This one is obvious – but should be said. If you constantly are having ads disapproved because you’re selling stuff Facebook hates, you run the risk of having your Business Manager Banned or profile Restricted suddenly.

4) Re-using the same domain

This is specific to if you have issues with ads, Business managers being banned or ad accounts etc. running traffic to one URL. If you open a new account and start running ads to that same URL, you will most certainly be on the radar to suddenly be banned again.

5) Low Page Score

If the fan page you use to advertise with drops below and your Business Manager is unverified, you run the risk of being disabled suddenly. This is especially true if you’ve also done any of the points | made above.

6) Re-using Payment Methods

This one you can probably get away with from what I’ve seen, but in my opinion it’s better to not do it if you don’t need to. The process to get a profile fully advertising with no issues can be time intensive, so no reason to waste time or effort by losing profiles if you don’t need to.

7) Not Warming Up The Profile or Business Manager

Showing regular activity and gradually taking actions is KEY today with Facebook and advertising. For example,
if you add an employee or admin to your business manager then immediately add a payment method, these “admin” actions as | call them are triggers for
Facebook to suddenly disable the profile and/or business manager for no reason.

This List Is Not Everything But It IS
A Lot Of The Typical Facebook

digitalsunilsah Answered question October 5, 2022
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