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What is Social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a whole different form of digital marketing through the use of social media platforms, forums and blogs to promote products or brands and create a greater awareness and presence of those particular products or brands.

Social media marketing includes posting good relevant content across your social media profiles and engaging fully with your followers as well as growing your social media profile and gaining more followers, potential customers and and creating a greater brand awareness.

Social media marketing is an important part of building your brand and awareness. For many it can be time consuming and confusing with social media’s ever changing rules, insights and ideas.


Social media marketing is not something you should be ‘dipping’ in and out of but should be a constant steady stream of creative, well thought out, relative content posted across all social media platforms.

The main social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc .. and of course the all powerful Google with its ‘paid’ advertising. Many thousands of dollars can be thrown away through paid advertising attempting to get customers and sales.

Social media marketing can be a mine field for many, it helps manage and plan a strategic way forward to create a greater awareness and presence for the growth of your business.


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