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What is SPF? How to claim SPF on Flipkart?

What is SPF? SPF full form?

SPF full form is Seller Protection Fund. SPF is a Flipkart program that is designed to safeguard your interest as a seller and make Flipkart a secure medium for you to conduct business.

You can claim SPF within 14 days from the order returned date if the returned product you have received is either:

(a) Damaged/defective

(b) Wrong product

(c) Missing product

The complete SPF claim is explained below. Just to give an idea all you need is to send clear images of the product from all angles, highlighting the damage along with the image of the shipping label and a detailed description of the nature and extent of the damage.

Do leave your contact number so that the team can reach you if they require any additional information concerning your claim.

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How to raise SPF?

There Are 2 Ways To Raise SPF For A Product :

1.In The Completed Section Of The Returns Dashboard, There Is A Claim SPF Button Available Which Will Raise A Claim Against The Product.(Or)

2.You Can Raise A SPF Claim By Following The Steps Below:

Seller Portal -> Click On ‘Contact Seller Support’ Link At The Top-Right Corner -> Click On ‘Create Ticket’ -> Enter All The Required Details -> Upload A Valid Proof (Attachments) -> Click On ‘Submit’

You Can View The SPF Claims That You Have Raised In The ‘SPF Claims’ Tab On The Seller Support Page.

How to claim SPF ?

There Are 2 Ways To Raise/Claim SPF For A Product :

1) In The Completed Section Of The “Returns” Dashboard, There Is A Claim SPF Button Available Which Will Raise A Claim Against The Product.

2) Click Seller Portal Help On The Top Right -> Click On ‘Contact Seller Support’ -> Click On ‘Payments’ At The Left Side Of Page -> Click On SPF Related Queries ->Click On ‘I Want To Claim SPF’-> Enter All The Required Details -> Upload Valid Proofs (Attachments) -> Click On ‘Submit Request’

Please Note: You Can Only Claim SPF Within 14 Days Of Receiving The Returned Product.

If You Are Unsatisfied With The Resolution, You Can Either Reach Out To The Support Staff Or Reopen The Ticket Within 7 Days Of The Initial Decision.

What is non order SPF ?

You Can View The Fees Related To Storage By Looking Under The “Non-Order SPF Transactions” Table On The Seller Dashboard.

If You’re Looking For Reimbursement For A Particular SPF Claim, Search By The Claim ID Using The Option At The Top Of The Page. It Will Provide You With The Complete Summary Of The Payment Related To The Claim.


What are the different timelines for SPF?

Returns TAT – 60 Days From Return Approved Date (45 Days For The Big Billion Days 2015)

Period Within Which SPF Claim Should Be Raised – 14 Days

Claim Resolution TAT (Whether Claim Will Be Accepted Or Rejected) – 12 Days

Claim Amount Settlement TAT (After The Claim Has Been Accepted) – 3-4 Days

What is the change in process for claiming SPF?

The Time Period Within Which You Can Claim The SPF Will Be Revised To 14 Days From The Date On Which The Returned Item Has Been Received By The Seller.This Will Be In Effect From 1st April, 2015.

Not able to claim SPF? Do This

If you are unable to claim SPF for your return orders. Please be informed that SPF cannot be claimed if:

  1. Return is not completed
  2. The return order is in the ‘do not expect physical delivery’ category
  3. Return received date has crossed 14 days

In order to ensure that your claims are not rejected due to missing images/information follow the mandatory requirements & best practices given below:

Mandatory requirements to claim SPF on Flipkart

  1. Image of shipping label affixed on the secondary packaging of the return shipments as received 
  2. One complete image of the product (except for product missing scenarios)
  3. Multiple angle images: when you share images to claim SPF, make sure the images have all side views covering the brand name and logo along with one complete product image with the damage. 
  4. Share a clear description of the reason for claiming SPF.
  5. For mobiles, the image should have the IMEI/Serial number displayed on the screen. please dial *#06# to get the IMEI number displayed on the screen
  6. Share image of primary packaging and secondary packaging (in case of missing product or primary packaging damage)
  7. For combo products, images of a number of products in the combo should be shared. if there is a “pack of 5”, then all 5 products must be shown.

Best Practices

  1. The evidence that you submit to claim SPF should be correct and should be of the received shipment in question.
  2. For all damage claims, please ensure that the area of damage is clearly highlighted in the images submitted and is described properly.
  3. Please note: Always ensure that the brand text, brand logo, design, color and shape of the product that you ship to the customers exactly match the product listed on

How to know SPF claim status?

Finding the status of your SPF is simple and easy. You have to follow the below steps to find the SPF status:

Step 1: Log in to your Seller Portal

Step 2: Click on the three dots on the top-right corner

Step 3: Select ‘Contact Seller Support’ and click on ‘My Tickets

Step 4: Click on ‘SPF Claims’ and find the status of the incidents raised for SPF.

What to do when the SPF settled amount is very less and seller is not satisfied?

If you have any dispute relating to the received SPF amount. Then follow these steps.

But first, be informed that the SPF is settled for an order ID based on the nature and extent of damage caused to the product.

However, in case you feel that you are short paid/not paid, you can always reach out to Flipkart support team for re-validation by following the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to ‘Contact Seller Support‘ in your flipkart seller portal
Step 2: Go to ‘Payments‘ and click on ‘SPF related queries
Step 3: Click on ‘I am unhappy with the SPF settled amount
Step 4: Select ‘Create Seller Support Ticket
Step 5: Click on ‘Submit Request‘ after filling in the mandatory details
Note: The seller must raise an unhappy claim within 7 days of the previous claim rejection date.


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