If you are a seller or supplier on Meesho and wondering how to calculate Meesho Price or the Selling price of a product then check out the calculator below. Before listing any product or uploading a product catalog on the Meesho supplier panel, find out how much profit you will make with Meesho Price Calculator 

How can we know at what Meesho Price we should sell our products so that we do not have to bear a loss on our sale? 

Before finding the Meesho Selling Price we should know how much Meesho charges us per Order, what is the commission rates, what is Meesho Shipping Fee and how Meesho calculates the Bank Settlement amount.

We have built a Meesho Price Calculator – ECOMSPRINT which allows you to find your settlement value, GST Input Credit, TCS, and TDS Deduction and with the help of this Meesho Calculator, you can find the perfect Meesho Price and Profit on each sale.

Meesho Price Calculation Sheet

Some Commonly Asked Question on Meesho Pricing​

Q. How can I change the price of a product listing on Meesho?

ANS. Please ‘Raise a ticket’ to Meesho’s support team to change the price of a Product/Catalog. To change prices for multiple products/catalogs, please mention the given details in an excel sheet and share it as an attachment:

1. Catalog ID 

2. Product ID 

3. Existing Price 

4. New price (MSP)

You can find the product IDs by following the given path: 

Inventory> In-stock/out of stock> Download the file by clicking the download option>Copy the content of the sheet to a new excel sheet>Unhide column E for a product ID. 

Note: If the ‘In-stock/out of stock’ option is not available in your supplier panel, please ‘click on the Bulk Stock Update’ option available in the inventory and download the file.

Q. How much Shipping Fee does Meesho Charge the Supplier?

Meesho does not charge shipping charges from the Supplier. Before paying the settlement amount to the Supplier, Meesho deducts 18% GST applicable on the Shipping charged to the Buyer.

This 18% GST on the Shipping fee is returned to the supplier in the form of an input tax credit (ITC).


Q. How can Meesho Supplier get back the 18% GST paid on the Shipping Fee?

Meesho will provide you with the Commission invoice for the shipping fee and advertisement charges. The GST amount shown in the Commission will also reflect on the GSTR2B panel on the GST portal.

You will get this amount back as Input Tax Credit in your GST electronic ledger.

Q. How much commission Meesho charges to Supplier/Seller?

As of now, Meesho charges you zero commission over all the categories which is why the settlement amount or transfer amount in the case of Meesho is very high.
Further, you will have to pay the shipping charges on returned orders only and not RTO.

Q. Does Meesho charges fees to sellers for Return Orders?

Returns are of 2 types:

RTO: which is Returned to Origin and Customer Returns.

In the case of RTO orders, where the package does not reach the customer or the customer cancels the order before receiving it; in such case, Meesho does not charge you any Shipping Fee or Penalty.

But in case of Customer returns, the Seller will be charged a minimum of Rs 120 as penalty. The amount charged for Customer Return depends on the weight and volume of the package.


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