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Flipkart Advertising Guide 2022

Table of Contents: How to create a campaign on Flipkart Advertising? Step to Create New Flipkart Ads Campaign Add Wallet Balance Choosing Products to Advertise Choosing the Type of Campaign Cost Per Click or CPC Campaign How to run CPC Campaigns Smart ROI Campaign How to Run a Smart ROI Campaign Guide to choosing the […]

How to Start An Import Export Business in India

Table of Contents: Getting Started with Import Export Business Registration Register Your Company List of the documents you’ll need to apply Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC) eCommerce Shipping Company Integration Contact a Customs Clearing Agency Entrepreneurial Import-Export Business Opportunities Putting Money Into Online Marketplaces International Market Research Selling and promoting other people’s products Leather and Medical Products Since […]

Shop101 New Supplier Policies 2021

Table of Contents: Terminology and Definitions Shop101 New Seller Policies Marketplace commission Shipping Charges Penalty Policy Type of Cancellations Cancelled by Supplier Cancelled by Buyers/ Resellers Cancelled by Shop101 Auto Cancellation due to TAT breach Return to Origin (RTO) due to TAT breach Return charges Compensation for Wrong Product Received in case of Return Penalty […]

Complete Guide on TDS Payments for eCommerce Sellers

All e-commerce enterprises are now subject to TDS, thanks to Section 194O, which was published in the Union Budget 2020. You’re not alone if you’re having trouble figuring out TDS payments for your eCommerce business. On the plus side, you’ve arrived at the right location. As more firms open online stores, it is critical for […]

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