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Etsy Insights: How to build buyer loyalty this holiday season

As holiday shopping kicks into high gear this week, it’s a great time to revisit your approach to customer service. If buyers have a positive experience purchasing from your shop this holiday season, they’re more likely to keep coming back long after the holiday season is over.

A few of my favorite tips: 

1. Respond to messages promptly:

Our data shows that sellers who typically respond to messages within 24 hours are more likely to receive a 5-star review!* Clearly receiving a quick response is a big factor in the customer service experience. I’m a big fan of the saved replies tool for keeping a library of frequently used responses on hand that can be personalized.

2. Offer gift wrapping services:

 Having gifts arrive already wrapped goes a long way (especially at a time when more shoppers are buying gifts to be shipped straight to recipients). It’s simple to enable gift wrap as a service offered in your shop, and once you do, shoppers will be able to see that you offer gift wrap on each listing. You can even upload a photo example to give shoppers peace of mind! 

3. Add an about section:

Your about section is the first place shoppers will look to get to know you better. Not sure where to start? Try adding photos of your workspace and process, along with a few sentences about your shop’s origins—remember to answer the who, what, where, and why questions. The details you share can help shoppers build a more personal connection with your small business, and build trust if they’re considering buying from your shop for the first time. (And if you need even more encouragement, our Editorial team regularly reviews seller’s about sections to get a better sense of their story, and whether they might be a good fit for an upcoming feature!) 


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