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Advertising on Flipkart 2022: Complete Guide

how do you shop at a store when you walk into a store to buy a product. The seller recommends his top selling products for you to choose from!  Similarly when a customer searches for any product on Flipkart the top products under the search are displayed in the top slots. The question is how can your products be displayed in these slots?

By advertising on Flipkart!

Flipkart provides you a performance-based marketing solution to meet this goal. It ensures that your products are seen by the maximum number of shoppers, which means over 10 crore customers on Flipkart.

Of the crores of searches on Flipkart made by these shoppers your products will appear in the top results and that too in dedicated ad slots.


Why should you advertise on Flipkart?

To grow your business advertising is the best and easiest way to stand out from the competition and you get a chance to win the much desired ‘BUY NOW’ button for your listings. Advertising boosts your products chance of being visible to the right customers. Your ads show up in relevant searches but discreetly.

Also with advertising you need to pay when the customer clicks on the ad not when they just view it.

How does advertising work on Flipkart?

By advertising, your products are displayed in dedicated ad slots. The position your ads occupy are determined by your CPC bid. The more you bid, the greater will be the chances of high visibility for your product.

Overall conversion rate is the number of products customers bought by clicking on your ad. Overall action rate is the number of times your ad gets clicked on against the number of times it is viewed.

Seller ratings is how the seller is rated by the customers and a good reading is always best. Other factors remaining same your CPC bid can largely help you control your ads visibility.

How does advertising help you grow your business?

Advertising helps grow your overall sales by showing your products to more number of people. New arrivals get the advantage of an early push, slow moving merchandise gets greater visibility to facilitate greater sales. You get complete control over your campaign and marketing budgets.

Three simple steps to start advertising

  1. Select your listings
  2. Create and run your advertising campaigns
  3. Analyze your campaign performance and take effective actions

Advantages of advertising direct from sellers:

“We started with Flipkart in 2015 but our sales and revenue spiked up only after we started advertising. All because of right targeting of a product by advertising it provided visibility and sales very quickly.”

“By investing in advertising, we’ve seen our brand sales grow 1.5 times in the last few months. Investing in the right products is very helpful in improving the overall visibility of our brand and listings.”


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