Glowroad Supplier Charges and Fees | Return Charges Commission Fee

If you are a seller or supplier on Glowroad or thing to sell on Glowroad then you must be wondering what are the Glowroad supplier charges and fees. So in this article, we will cover all of these.

The seller fees charges vary from platform to platform. Some platform charges Commission, some offer a 0% Commission fee. Some platform works on the transfer price model whereas some platform has their own settlement calculations. 

Glowroad Seller Fees

Glowroad Commission Charges

As of now, Glowroad does not charge any commission Fees to suppliers.

Glowroad Shipping Charges

The shipping charges depend on the product weight and the package dimensions. Both the product weight and the volumetric weight are calculated and whichever will be higher based on that the shipping will be charged.

In the case of Glowroad, the shipping fee also depends on the category. Also, the charges for forwarding shipment and backward shipment are different.

Reverse shipping charges will be applicable for each returned order to the Supplier
as per the order category.
Categories which are not volumetric, Flat reverse shipping charges will be applicable
as per table below.

Categories which are volumetric, Flat base reverse shipping charges will be
applicable for first 0.5kg as per table below, and for each next 0.5kg additional Rs 26
will be applicable.
The company may change the reverse shipping charges from time to time. The
Suppliers will be notified about the same through proper communication channels like
email and Supplier notice board.

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Poppin Font SIze:16 Black Color

Glowroad RTO charges

Glowroad does not charge you any fee for RTO shipments. RTO stands for return to origin. These are all those orders which are cancelled by the customers before receiving them. 

Platforms like Meesho and Flipkart also do not charge you for RTO shipments. 


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Glowroad Return Charges

Reverse shipping charges will be applicable for each returned order to the Supplier
as per the order category. For categories which are not volumetric, Flat reverse shipping charges will be applicable as per the table below.

Important Points Light Box

Categories which are volumetric, Flat base reverse shipping charges will be
applicable for the first 0.5kg as per the table below, and for each next 0.5kg additional Rs 26 will be applicable.
The company may change the reverse shipping charges from time to time. The
The supplier will be notified about the same through proper communication channels like email and Supplier notice board.

Women-Ethnic Wear-Sarees 126No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Kurtas 105No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Unstitched Dress Material 126No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Stitched Salwar Suit Sets 144No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Ethnic Gowns 105No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Lehenga Cholis 162No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Churidaars, Leggings & Salwars 105No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Dupattas, Stoles & Shawls 126No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Ethnic Skirts & Palazzos 105No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Islamic Clothing 162No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Blouses 126No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Petticoats 126No
Women-Western Wear-Tops, Tees & Shirts 105No
Women-Western Wear-Dresses 105No
Women-Western Wear-Jumpsuits 126No
Women-Western Wear-Jeans & Jeggings 105No
Women-Western Wear-Trousers & Capris 126No
Women-Western Wear-Shorts 126No
Women-Western Wear-Skirts 126No
Women-Western Wear-Active Wear 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Swimwear & Beachwear 126No
Women-Jewellery-Earrings 105No
Women-Jewellery-Necklaces, Chains & Mangalsutras 105No
Women-Jewellery-Jewellery Sets 126No
Women-Jewellery-Bangles & Bracelets 105No
Women-Jewellery-Pendants & Pendant Sets 126No
Women-Jewellery-Rings 126No
Women-Jewellery-Head & Hair Jewellery 126No
Women-Jewellery-Body Jewellery 126No
Women-Jewellery-Anklets & Toe Rings 126No
Women-Jewellery-Nose Pins 126No
Women-Jewellery-Brooches 126No
Women-Jewellery-Jewellery Making Material 126No
Women-Jewellery-Precious Jewellery 126No
Women-Jewellery-Silver Jewellery 126No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Handbags 168No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Tote Bags 147No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Sling Bags 144No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Clutches 130No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Wallets 130No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Organizers 135No
Women-Watches & Wearables-Watches 126No
Women-Watches & Wearables-Fitness Band 126No
Women-Watches & Wearables-Smart Watches 126No
Women-Footwear-Slippers & Flip Flops 145No
Women-Footwear-Fashion Flats, Sandals & Bellies 195No
Women-Footwear-Casual Shoes 195No
Women-Footwear-Wedges 195No
Women-Footwear-Heels & Stilletos 195No
Women-Footwear-Sports Shoes & Sneakers 195No
Women-Footwear-Boots 195No
Women-Footwear-Ethnic Footwear 195No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Deodorants & Fragrance 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Make Up 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Skin Care 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Hair Care 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Bath & Body Care 144No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Bras 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Briefs 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Lingerie Sets 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Shapewear 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Nightwear 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Loungewear 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Camisoles 126No
Women-Western Wear-Shrugs 126No
Women-Winter Wear-Sweaters 140No
Women-Winter Wear-Sweatshirts 160No
Women-Winter Wear-Jackets & Waistcoats 160No
Women-Winter Wear-Coats & Blazers 240No
Women-Winter Wear-Thermals 126No
Women-Winter Wear-Windcheaters 126No
Women-Plus Size-Ethnic Wear 126No
Women-Plus Size-Western Wear 126No
Women-Plus Size-Nightwear 126No
Women-Maternity-Ethnic Wear 126No
Women-Maternity-Western Wear 126No
Women-Maternity-Nightwear 126No
Women-Maternity-Nursing – Bra, Tops & Dresses 126No
Women-Maternity-Nursing Accessories 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Sunglasses & Frames 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Belts, Caps & Hats 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Scarves, Stoles & Gloves 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Hair Accessories 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Socks & Handkerchiefs 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Nail Art 126No
Women-Fashion Accessories-Accessory Organizers 126No
Men-Topwear-Polos & Tees 105No
Men-Topwear-Casual Shirts 105No
Men-Topwear-Formal Shirts 126No
Men-Topwear-Active Wear 126No
Men-Bottomwear-Jeans 105No
Men-Bottomwear-Casual Trousers 144No
Men-Bottomwear-Formal Trousers 126No
Men-Bottomwear-Shorts & 3/4th 126No
Men-Bottomwear-Cargos 126No
Men-Bottomwear-Track Pants 126No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Kurtas & Kurta Sets 126No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Ethnic Jackets 162No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Sherwani 126No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Pyjamas 126No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Dhotis & Lungis 126No
Men-Footwear-Sports Shoes & Sneakers 195No
Men-Footwear-Casual Shoes 195No
Men-Footwear-Formal Shoes 195No
Men-Footwear-Boots 324No
Men-Footwear-Sandals & Floaters 195No
Men-Footwear-Flip Flops & Slippers 145No
Men-Footwear-Ethnic Footwear 195No
Men-Innerwear & Sleepwear-Briefs & Trunks 126No
Men-Innerwear & Sleepwear-Boxers 126No
Men-Innerwear & Sleepwear-Vests 126No
Men-Innerwear & Sleepwear-Sleepwear & Loungewear 126No
Men-Winter Wear-Sweaters & Pullovers 150No
Men-Winter Wear-Sweatshirts & Hoodies 160No
Men-Winter Wear-Jackets & Waistcoats 190No
Men-Winter Wear-Coats & Blazers 126No
Men-Winter Wear-Suits 126No
Men-Winter Wear-Thermals 126No
Men-Winter Wear-Windcheaters 126No
Men-Winter Wear-Mufflers, Scarves & Gloves 126No
Men-Watches & Wearables-Watches 126No
Men-Watches & Wearables-Fitness Bands 126No
Men-Sunglasses & Frames-Sunglasses 126No
Men-Sunglasses & Frames-Frames 126No
Men-Bags & Wallets-Wallets 90No
Men-Bags & Wallets-Messenger & Duffle Bags 126No
Men-Bags & Wallets-Office Bags 216No
Men-Personal Care & Grooming-Deodorants & Fragrance 126No
Men-Personal Care & Grooming-Hair Care 144No
Men-Personal Care & Grooming-Bath & Body 126No
Men-Personal Care & Grooming-Trimmers 144No
Men-Personal Care & Grooming-Shavers 126No
Men-Personal Care & Grooming-Grooming Kits 144No
Men-Jewellery & Accessories-Men’s Jewellery 126No
Men-Accessories-Belts 126No
Men-Accessories-Ties, Cufflinks & Pocket Squares 126No
Men-Accessories-Caps & Hats 126No
Men-Accessories-Socks & Handkerchiefs 126No
Men-Plus Size-Ethnic Wear 126No
Men-Plus Size-Western Wear 126No
Men-Plus Size-Nightwear 126No
Baby & Kids-Infants Wear -Bodysuit & Clothing 126No
Baby & Kids-Infants Wear -Infant Winterwear 126No
Baby & Kids-Infants Wear -Booties & Gloves 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Polos, Tees & Shirts 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Jeans & Trousers 144No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Shorts & Dungarees 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Ethnic Wear 144No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Sleepwear 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Track Wear 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Winter Wear 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Swimwear 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Tops & Tees 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Frocks, Dresses & Jumpsuits 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Jeans & Trousers 144No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Skirts, Shorts & Capris 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Tights, Leggings & Jeggings 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Ethnic Wear 144No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Sleepwear 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Track Wear 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Winter Wear 216No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Swimwear 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Footwear-Casual Shoes 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Footwear-Sports Shoes 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Footwear-Formal Shoes 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Footwear-Sandals 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Footwear-Flip Flops & Slippers 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Footwear-Casual Shoes 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Footwear-Flats & Bellies 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Footwear-Heels 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Footwear-Sports Shoes 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Footwear-Sandals 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Footwear-Flip Flops & Slippers 126No
Baby & Kids-School Supplies-School Bags 126No
Baby & Kids-School Supplies-Lunch Box 126No
Baby & Kids-School Supplies-Water Bottles 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Jewellery 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Hair Accessories 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Sunglasses 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Frames 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Kids Watches 126No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Remote Control Toys 360No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Education Toys 126No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Soft Toys 400No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Cars, Die-Cast Vehicles & Outdoor
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Action Figures 126No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Board Games 126No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Musical Toys 126No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Dolls & Doll Houses 216No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Puzzles 126No
Baby & Kids-Toys & Games-Furniture 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Diapers & Wipes 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Strollers & Activity Gear 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Baby Bedding & Quilts 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Bottles & Feeding 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Bath & Skin Care 162No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Baby Grooming 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Baby Smart Monitors 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Diaper Bags 144No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Baby Food 126No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Paintings 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Wall Decor 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Clocks 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Artificial Flowers & Vases 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Photo Frames 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Decorative Lighting 88No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Party Decoration 95No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Party Accessories 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Gifts 144Yes
Home & Living-Bedsheets, Bedcovers & Bedding Set-Double
Bedsheets & Bedcovers 
Home & Living-Bedsheets, Bedcovers & Bedding Set-Bedding Sets 216Yes
Home & Living-Curtains-Door Curtain 144No
Home & Living-Curtains-Window Curtain 144No
Home & Living-Curtains-Shower Curtain 126No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Pillow & Pillow Covers 126No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Cushion & Cushion Covers 126No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Bathroom Accessories 126No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Blanket, Quilts & Dohars 144Yes
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Kitchen & Dining Linen 105No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Door Mats, Rugs & Carpets 105No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Towels 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Beds 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Sofas & Sofa Beds 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Dining Table & Sets 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Mattresses 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Tables & Chairs 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Bean Bags 180No
Home & Living-Furniture-TV Units & Cabinets 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Wardrobes,Drawers & Shoe Racks 126No
Home & Living-Furniture-Storage Furniture 270No
Home & Living-Kitchen & Dining-Cookware 324Yes
Home & Living-Kitchen & Dining-Dining & Serving 126Yes
Home & Living-Kitchen & Dining-Kitchen Storage Containers 140Yes
Home & Living-Kitchen & Dining-Kitchen Tools 126Yes
Home & Living-Kitchen & Dining-Bakeware 126Yes
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Travel Bags 216No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Trolley Bags 126No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Laptop Bags 216No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Storage Bags 216No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Briefcases 126No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Laundry Bags 126No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Home Organizers 126No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Backpacks 126No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Tablet Sleeves 126No
Home & Living-Luggage & Storage-Travel Accessories 126No
Home & Living-Garden & Outdoor-Home Tools & Hardware 180Yes
Home & Living-Garden & Outdoor-Gardening 126Yes
Home & Living-Garden & Outdoor-Solar Power 126Yes
Home & Living-Garden & Outdoor-Outdoor Decor 126Yes
Home & Living-Garden & Outdoor-Barbeque & Outdoor Cooking 126Yes
Home & Living-Garden & Outdoor-Insect & Animal Control 126Yes
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Mobile Cases 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Selfie Sticks 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Headphones &
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Power Banks 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Screenguards 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Memory Cards 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Mobile Cables 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Chargers 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Tablet
Mobiles & Electronics-Laptop & Desktop Accessories-External
Hard Disks 
Mobiles & Electronics-Laptop & Desktop Accessories-Pendrives 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Laptop & Desktop Accessories-Mouse 108No
Mobiles & Electronics-Laptop & Desktop Accessories-Keyboards 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Desktop PCs & Laptop-Desktop PCs 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Desktop PCs & Laptop-Laptops 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Desktop PCs & Laptop-Gaming Laptops 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobiles & Tablets-Mobiles 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobiles & Tablets-Tablets 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Camera & Accessories-DSLR Camera 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Camera & Accessories-Point & Shoot
Mobiles & Electronics-Camera & Accessories-Sports & Lifestyle
Mobiles & Electronics-Camera & Accessories-Memory Cards 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Gaming & Accessories-Gaming Console 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Gaming & Accessories-Games 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Gaming & Accessories-Gaming Accessories 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Gaming & Accessories-Gaming Components 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-TV 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-Air Conditioners 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-Refrigerators 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-Washing Machines 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-Kitchen & Home
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-Heating & Cooling
Mobiles & Electronics-TV & Home Appliances-Others 216No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Guitars 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Piano & Keyboars 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Wind Instruments 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Indian Instruments 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Musical Accessories 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Drums & Percussions 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Microphones 135No
Mobiles & Electronics-Musical Instruments-Professional Audio 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Smart Wearable Tech-Smart Watches 112No
Mobiles & Electronics-Smart Wearable Tech-Smart Glasses (VR) 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Smart Wearable Tech-Smart Bands 112No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Entertainment-iPods & MP3 Players 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Entertainment-Home Theatres 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Entertainment-Speakers 135No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Entertainment-DTH Set Top Box 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Automation-Smart Security System 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Automation-Smart Door Locks 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Automation-Smart Monitors 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Automation-Smart Lights 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Entrance Exams 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Academics 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Literature & Fiction 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Indian Writing 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Biographies 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Children’s Books 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Teaching Workbooks 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Business 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Self Help 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Comics 126No
Books & Stationery-Books & Magazines-Magazines 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Pens, Pencils & Markers 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Diaries & Notebooks 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Erasers & Stationery Set 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Desk Organisers & Pen Stands 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Envelopes & Postal Supplies 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Calculators 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Whiteboards & Dusters 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Scales, Sheet Protector & Scissors 126No
Books & Stationery-Stationery-Geometric Set, Maps & Writing
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Calendars, Planners &
Personal Organisers 
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Files, File Boxes & Folders 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Card Holders 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Adhesive, Tape & Stickers 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Organisers 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Office Electronics 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Office Paper Products 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Dustbin 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Staples, Pins & Stamp Pads 126No
Books & Stationery-Office Supplies-Office Paper Products 126No
Books & Stationery-Art & Craft Supplies-Art Supplies 126No
Books & Stationery-Art & Craft Supplies-Craft Supplies 126No
Grocery & More-Homemade Food-Pickles 126Yes
Grocery & More-Homemade Food-Ready to Eat & Ready to Cook
Grocery & More-Homemade Food-Snacks 126Yes
Grocery & More-Homemade Food-Others 126Yes
Grocery & More-Sweets, Chocolates & Gums-Sweets 126Yes
Grocery & More-Sweets, Chocolates & Gums-Chocolates 126Yes
Grocery & More-Sweets, Chocolates & Gums-Gums 126Yes
Grocery & More-Cakes & Breads-Cakes 126Yes
Grocery & More-Cakes & Breads-Breads 126Yes
Grocery & More-Organic Food-Cereals & Pulses 126Yes
Grocery & More-Organic Food-Spices 126Yes
Grocery & More-Organic Food-Fruits & Vegetables 126Yes
Grocery & More-Organic Food-Dry Fruits 126Yes
Grocery & More-Organic Food-Others 126Yes
Grocery & More-Beverages-Fruit Juice 126Yes
Grocery & More-Beverages-Soft Drinks 126Yes
Grocery & More-Beverages-Herbal & Health Drinks 126Yes
Grocery & More-Beverages-Tea & Coffee 126Yes
Grocery & More-Beverages-Others 126Yes
Grocery & More-Spices-Whole Spices 126Yes
Grocery & More-Spices-Powdered Spices 126Yes
Grocery & More-Spices-Ready Mixed Spices & Curry Powders 126Yes
Grocery & More-Spices-Seasonings 126Yes
Grocery & More-Spices-Others 126Yes
Grocery & More-Dry Fruits & Nuts-Dry Fruits 126Yes
Grocery & More-Dry Fruits & Nuts-Nuts 126Yes
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Canned Meat, Poultry &
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Canned Pulses & Beans 126Yes
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Canned Fruits 126Yes
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Canned Vegetables 126Yes
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Soups, Stews & Chillis 126Yes
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Frozen Food 126Yes
Grocery & More-Canned & Frozen Food-Others 126Yes
Everything Else-Sports & Outdoors-Cricket, Badminton & Football 126Yes
Everything Else-Sports & Outdoors-Running & Cycling 126Yes
Everything Else-Sports & Outdoors-Camping & Hiking 126Yes
Everything Else-Sports & Outdoors-Yoga 126Yes
Everything Else-Sports & Outdoors-Exercise & Fitness 126Yes
Everything Else-Sports & Outdoors-Fitness Accessories 126Yes
Everything Else-Pet Supplies-Birds 126Yes
Everything Else-Pet Supplies-Cats 126Yes
Everything Else-Pet Supplies-Dogs 126Yes
Everything Else-Pet Supplies-Fish & Aquatics 126Yes
Everything Else-Pet Supplies-Small Animals 126Yes
Everything Else-Automobiles-Motorbike Accessories & Parts 126Yes
Everything Else-Automobiles-Car Accessories, Electronics & Parts 126Yes
Everything Else-Automobiles-Car & Bike Care 270Yes
Everything Else-Coins & Stamps-Coins 126No
Everything Else-Coins & Stamps-Stamps 126No
Everything Else-Others-Others 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Skin Stickers 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Mobile & Tablet Accessories-Mounts &
Mobiles & Electronics-Laptop & Desktop Accessories-Skin Stickers 108No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Diya 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Lampshade 102No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Lantern 216Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Air Freshener 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Pooja Essentials 144Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Festive Decor & Gifting 144Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Candle 102No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Candle Holder 102No
Home & Living-Home Decor-Photo Frames 126Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Floor lamp 540Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Table lamp 180Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Wall Lamp 180Yes
Home & Living-Home Decor-Showpieces & Figurines 144Yes
Home & Living-Bedsheets, Bedcovers & Bedding Set-Single
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Mosquito Nets 108No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Sofa Cover 126No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Diwan Sets 126No
Women-Bags & Wallets-Backpacks 168No
Men-Bags & Wallets-Backpacks & Rucksacks 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Sanitary Needs 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Wellness & Common Pharma 126No
Baby & Kids-Boys Clothing-Clothing Sets 126No
Mobiles & Electronics-Home Automation-Home Improvement 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Ayurvedic Herbal Products 126No
Women-Jewellery-Rakhi 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Belts 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Hats 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Rakhi 126No
Baby & Kids-Girls Clothing-Clothing Set 126No
Women-Ethnic Wear-Ethnic Jacket 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Pantyhose & Stocking 126No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Accessories 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-Play Gym 210No
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-Mosquito Nets 180No
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-Baby Mat 130No
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-Baby Bedsheet 130No
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-Baby Cushions 150No
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-Baby Pillows 150No
Baby & Kids-Kids Fashion Accessories-Socks 126No
Home & Living-Bedsheets, Bedcovers & Bedding Set-Bedsheet
Baby & Kids-Baby Bedding & Furnishing-BLANKETS & QUILTS 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Craft Staplers 100No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Badges 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Pencil Box & Geometry Set 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Notepads & Sticky Notes 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Pens 99No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Pencils 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Colouring Books 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Paint Brushes 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Paints & Sparklers 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Erasers 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Keychains 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Birthday Props & Gifts 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Sharpener 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Craft Scissors 126No
Baby & Kids-Stationery Items-Stickers 126No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Sexy Nightwear & Babydoll 105No
Women-Innerwear & Nightwear-Lingerie Solutions 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Sexual Wellness & Sensuality 100No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Personal & Health Care 100No
Digital Products-Education-E-Courses 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Mask & Sanitizers 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Sanitizer 126No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Mask 126No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Sanitizer 120No
Women-Beauty & Personal Care-Mask 120No
Digital Products-Health-Online consultation 126No
Grocery & More-Daily Essentials-Toilet Cleaning 120Yes
Grocery & More-Daily Essentials-Floor Cleaning 120Yes
Grocery & More-Daily Essentials-Kitchen Cleaning 120Yes
Women-Western Wear-Co-ord Sets 125No
Grocery & More-Daily Essentials-Dishwash 125Yes
Grocery & More-Daily Essentials-Detergents 125Yes
Grocery & More-Cakes & Breads-Biscuits 125Yes
Grocery & More-Dairy Products-Flavoured Milk 125Yes
Grocery & More-Dairy Products-Milk 125Yes
Grocery & More-Dairy Products-Condensed Milk 125Yes
Grocery & More-Dairy Products-Cheese 125Yes
Digital Products-Coupons-Gift Vouchers 126No
Grocery & More-Personal Care-Soap 125Yes
Grocery & More-Personal Care-Body Wash 125Yes
Grocery & More-Personal Care-Hand Wash 125Yes
Grocery & More-Personal Care-Face Wash 125Yes
Men-Jewellery & Accessories-Men’s Chain 120No
Men-Jewellery & Accessories-Men’s Rings 120No
Men-Jewellery & Accessories-Men’s Earrings 120No
Men-Jewellery & Accessories-Men’s Bracelet 120No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Rugs & Carpets 200No
Home & Living-Home Furnishing-Door Mat Combo 200No
Men-Topwear-Clothing Fabric 140No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Ethnic Caps 140No
Men-Winter Wear-Shawls 128No
Baby & Kids-Baby Care-Cloth Diapers 128No
Men-Ethnic Wear-Islamic Clothing 126No
Baby & Kids-Infants Wear -Winter Accessories 123No
Women-Jewellery-Jewellery Combo 123No
10068 81116910068

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