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Glowroad Supplier Tiering Program

Glowroad Supplier Tiering Program

Exciting news for suppliers on GlowRoad – “Glowroad have revised the supplier tiering program to provide Extra Benefits for suppliers which include Discounted forward and reverse shipping charges, Free Account Management services & Priority supplier support to help you grow your business multiple times”

What are the benefits of Glowroad Supplier Tiering?

  • There are 3 supplier tiers – Gold, Silver and Bronze with different benefits respectively
  • Gold suppliers will get benefits of upto ₹78 OFF on forward shipping charges and up to  ₹75 OFF on reverse shipping charges
  • Silver suppliers will get the benefit of up to ₹71 OFF on forward shipping charges.
  • Every Gold and Silver supplier will get Free Account Management services from us which include providing growth advice on launching new products, pricing & discounts, returns reduction, new catalog upload, quick support and much more
  • Supplier support will be provided to these Gold and Silver suppliers, on priority.

*Flat forward shipping and reverse shipping discount on your current policy (as on 4th Feb’23). All above values are including GST

  • Your new tier will be announced on 5th Feb on your supplier panel and all the above-mentioned benefits will be effective for orders placed on or after 5th Feb’23

What are the Glowroad Supplier Tiering criteria?

The eligibility criteria under Glowroad Supplier Tiering Program are as follows:

  • We will be announcing your new tiers on 5th Feb and it will be valid till 4th March
  • Suppliers with order cancellation of <2%, customer returns of <15% and last 3 months (Q4’22) net sales > ₹2.5Lakh will become Gold supplier
  • Suppliers who are not in the Gold tier and have an order cancellation rate of <5%, customer returns of <20% and last 3 months (Q4’22) net sales >  ₹1 Lakh will become a Silver suppliers
  • All other suppliers will get Bronze tier
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On what frequency will GlowRoad revise supplier tiers?

  • We will revise your tier every month based on your performance in the previous cycle.
  • For the next cycle (effective 5th Mar 23), the following criteria will be followed:
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**GlowRoad reserves the right to change criteria for tiers and terms and conditions at any point in time. For any such instance, we will notify you of the same on the supplier panel


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