Flipkart FBF Lite Program to Grow Sales

FBF Lite is a new program to boost your sales with faster delivery. The main objective of this program is to encourage the sellers to deliver fast to their customer by operating with higher regional deliveries (Local and Zonal orders). Sellers can boost sales by operating from more than one zone. The amazing part is that it’s completely free and optional for the sellers to be part of this program. 

There are a few eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled to join this program and these eligibility criteria will be evaluated at the beginning of every month once

Eligibility Criteria

  • Seller Operational Reliability Metrics: In last 90 days and last 30 days you should maintain –
  • RTD breaches < 1%
  • Pick-up Reattempts < 3%
  • Seller Cancellations < 0.15% 
  • Regional Utilization: >=40% in Last 90 days & 30 days
  • FBF Share <10% in Last 90 days & Last 30 days
  • Sellers must be present in at least 2 Zones
  • Sellers should have sold units > 3000 or GVM > 10 Lacs in the last 90 days.

It is completely an invite-based program. The eligible sellers will be notified shortly for taking certain alignments before we onboard them to the program. If they are not meeting the mentioned criteria, we encourage them to start working towards the same. 

Seller will give their confirmation on the Mandatory Alignment Before Onboarding:

  1. Late RTD 08:00 PM
  2. Continuous handover. Start: 12:00 PM, Last Handover: 08:00 PM
  3. To operate all 7 days of the week
  4. Equal split of handover and not in one shot
  5. All listings to be at 1 Hr Proc SLA

Once onboarded, Sellers need to take responsibility for the following.

  • Seller should be eligible for Seller FF FA criteria and Listings should have FAssured from Seller FF.
  • Upon Onboarding the seller on FBF Lite Program, eligible listings of the seller will get the option of “Flipkart and Seller Only”. To get the relevant boost, sellers should select the “Flipkart and Seller Only” option.
  • In case if the FAssured badge is lost for the listings, listings will lose the boost and will show as “Out of Stock” on the Flipkart Website. To make the listings buyable, Seller will have to change the Fulfillment by to “Seller Only”. It is recommended for sellers to check this everyday to avoid any sale loss.

Please read through our Terms & conditions for the program. 


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