Reduce Flipkart Returns due to Mis Shipment

In this blog, we will understand how to reduce the returns caused by misshipment on Flipkart.

As an online seller, we should constantly aim to provide the best buying experience to customers, and we should focus on reducing our returns as much as possible.

One of the key reasons for high returns could be mis-shipment. To avoid this, let us first understand what is.?

What is the shipment?

Mis shipment occurs when your package gets delivered to the wrong customer or your package is sent to the right customer but contains the incorrect items.

For example, if a customer orders a beautiful SAREE from Flipkart, it will arrive in three business days just in time for a wedding ceremony that she has to attend. She is excited and is patiently waiting for the Saree to arrive.

On receiving the package, she is disappointed to find a KURTI in place of the SAREE. She raised a return request for the order.

Such cases of misshipment can prove to be frustrating for your customers and you may incur losses due to returns. This can also result in a customer experience what can we do to manage thismischiefment situation and under the

How to manage Mis-shipments?

Listings tab click on my listingsclick on the returns bubblenext click on the check Miss shipmentbubble

Check the top listings with their respective gme loss due to RVP Mishshipmentsecond let us follow these bestpractices to avoid Mis shipments storeBest practices to avoid Mis-shipmentthe products separately in yourWarehouse according to brand color sizemodel style and specificationsat the time of packing please ensurethat a copy of the invoice is placedinside the packagekeep the single and multiple quantityinvoices separated at the time of finalPackagingbefore final packaging including forcombo orders and items confirm thequantity and accessories in accordancewith the customer’s order and invoicemake sure that you dispatch the sameproduct with the same brand color sizemodern style and specification as perthe catalogmake sure to systematically place allthe products in the racks and use propertaggingsForm 100 quality check for every productat the Quality Control area for examplechecking the working condition featuresscratches damages Parts color design ofbatonEtcperform functionality tests of productson a regular basis in the case of audioaccessories and Bluetooth speakersInventory management must be done on aregular basis toward mixing qualitychecks and effective or uncheckedproductsuse the authorized Flipkart packagingand neatly packed products within thebox or bagwe hope you found this Blog helpful toEndinghelp you reduce your returns due to messshipments and helping creating a strongcustomer baselike you and happy selling


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