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How to cancel Amazon Seller Account in 2022

Selling on Amazon is a great way of making good money for suppliers and manufacturers but not everyone could make it to the top. There comes many circumstances where one has to close or delete or cancel Amazon Seller Account

There’s a lot of reasons why Amazon Sellers decide that they don’t want to sell on Amazon anymore. Maybe they couldn’t make it work or maybe they just put a lot of time and capital in it for very little profits and it’s just not worth your time or capital anymore.

Selling on Amazon can be really competitive and it takes a lot of capital investment and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to just keep doing it and that’s okay because a lot of times you don’t find that out.

Read this before you cancel Amzon Seller Account

If you decide to close your seller account permanently, read the following information first:

  • You will no longer be able to access your seller account once it has been closed.
  • You can’t see order history, return items, make refunds, reply to A-to-z Guarantee claims, or connect with buyers.

Guidelines for Closing Amzon Seller Account

  • Accounts can’t be closed until 90 days have passed since your last sale.
  • The A-to-Z Guarantee claim period will be honoured as a result of this. If you have any outstanding A-to-z Guarantee claims, you must keep your account open until they are resolved.
  • Before you may close your account, you must have a $0 balance.

Things to do before Closing Amzon Seller Account

Please take the following actions after reading the above information:

  • Complete any orders that haven’t been completed yet.
  • To ensure that the A-to-Z Guarantee claims period is honoured, wait 90 days following your final sale.
  • Wait until your account is completely depleted (your next disbursement or charge date).
  • Resolve all of your buyer transactions, including any refunds that may be required.
  • To receive the final payment, make sure you have accurate bank account information on file.
  • Check your Performance Notifications to ensure that all of the reasons for your account’s suspension have been addressed and that your account has been reinstated.

Steps to cancel Amazon Seller Account

Once you have check all the above points, you can request Amazon for account closure.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to Amazon Seller Central


how to close amazon account-min

3. At the bottom right you will see the “CLOSE ACCOUNT” link.

close amazon seller account-min

4. Once you click on it you will be redirected to “Help >> Get Support” page. Under the account section click on “Close Selling Account”


5. Now must know that once you permanently close your amazon account, it cannot be reinstated. Click on “Request for account closure”


6. This is the final warning. Once you hit on ‘Yes’, you are done.


7. Finally, your amazon seller account has been closed. To resume selling, you need to create a register once again.


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