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Brand Authorization Letter Format For Online Sellers

Once you start selling authentic branded items on the eCommerce marketplace, you may be requested to upload a brand authorization letter to validate that you are a seller or re-seller of the branded product. Please note that this step is not required unless requested by Marketplace. 

Instead, ensure that your authentic branded products are tagged appropriately. This will ensure that your products are screened and displayed appropriately. Remember, selling counterfeit products or products that infringe on the intellectual property of others is strictly prohibited.
What type of authorization letter you need?
For brand owners: proof of intellectual property rights is required like trademark certificate; 

Letter of authorization to sell from a brand owner, or (optional) if you are a reseller.

Proof of partnership with your supplier if your supplier has the authorization to resell (eg. invoices).

All you need to know about Brand Authorization Letter

What is Brand Authorization Letter

Brand Authorization Letter is a legal document that proves that the brand itself has entitled the supplier or the entity to sell and distribute products with their brand name.

brand authorization letter format for flipkart pdf

Benefits of having a Brand Authorization Letter

Below are a few advantages of having a Brand Authorization Letter:

  • It approves the seller as the authorized seller of that particular brand.
  • You will not face any issue of intellectual property violation.
  • No banning of seller accounts
  • You can import and export branded products upon approval

Why Online Sellers need to provide Brand Authorization Letter to Marketplaces?

Customer satisfaction is important for any online marketplace may it be Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, etc; and in order to accomplish it, they need to conduct rigorous quality checks throughout the product’s life cycle, from storage to delivery. 

Every eCommerce marketplace follows a thorough brand authorization and verification process to ensure that their consumers do not receive fake/defective/low-quality products and that there is no brand infringement on their platform.

To have a seamless selling experience, you’ll need brand authorization/ownership paperwork from the owners of the respective brands whose products you are planning to sell or list. 

Sellers who are unable to submit or who fail to pass verification may be barred from selling on these platforms. In case they found any intellectual property violations, your seller account may get deactivated or you may be permanently banned from selling.

So, its always recommended to get a brand authorization letter before listing

Brand Authorization Letter Format/Tempelate

Below are a few Brand Authorization Letter Tempelates and formats which you can use.

Example 1: Sample Brand Authorization from Brand owner to supplier/seller. This template can be used for online and offline sellers.

Date: 08-09-2021

Brand Owner Company Name

Company Address

Authorization Letter

This is certify that [Seller_Registered_Business_Name] located at [District, State] is authorized to supply, promote, distribute, sell, exhibit and negotiate sale services of Brand [“Brand Name”]. The details of the Brand are given below.

Brand Name:- ………………………….

TM Application No: – ………………..…….

TM Class:- ………

Your Sincerely

Brand Owner Name

Example 2: Sample Brand Authorization from Manufacturer to Supplier. This may be produced during custom clearances.

Date: 08-09-2021

Manufacturer Company Name

Complete Address


To whom it may concern 

This letter is to confirm that [Supplier Name] [Supplier complete address] is a supplier of our company and is authorized to produce promotional merchandise using the branding for [Brand Name] on the following products: power banks, mobile chargers and cables. We understand that these items will be manufactured and shipped out from China.

This confirmation is valid until 31st December 2022. For any queries relating to this letter please contact me at [company e-mail ID]

Yours sincerely

[Brand Owner Name and Signature]

[Manufacturer/Company Name and Seal]

Example 3: Flipkart Brand Authorization Letter Sample

Company [Brand Owner] Name
Company Address
Company Contact Details
Your[Supplier] Company Name
Your Address

Brand Authorization Letter for Online Selling

This is to certify that [Your Company Name] [Location Address] is authorized to supply, promote, distribute, sell, exhibit, negotiate, and hold responsibility for after-sale services of [Brand Name] brand worldwide.
The Brand Name include Products Which Brand have Will be Written here
Trademark Application No: – …………
Trademark Class:……
Trademark Status:……….
Brand Trademark Class
This Letter is valid from 08 October 2021 to 08 October 2021
Authorization Number: ………………..
Yours Sincerely
Brand Owner Name
Signature with Company Seal

As you can see, there are numerous items written on the Brand Authorization Letter Sample, which may differ depending on the brand. The brand authorisation letter is represented differently by different organisations. The only thing that matters in a trademark permission letter is that it is completely original and has been approved by a regulatory body.

Flipkart Brand Authorization Letter Format Recommendation:

A letter of authorization issued by the brand trademark owner allowing an individual or business to use the brand name

i) The brand authorization letter should be in letter-head of the granting company.

ii) Both the parties (the parent brand or issuing authority and the reseller) names should be mentioned clearly.

iii) The contact number and/or email ID and address of the brand owner should be mentioned.

iv) The brand name should be mentioned.

v) There should be signature and seal from the issuing authority.

vi) Date of issue and the ‘valid till date’ should be mentioned (good to have).

vii) Trademark Number

Below, you can download the sample Brand Authorization letter as required by different marketplaces in India.

Brand LOGO

To Whom it May Concern

Your[Supplier] Company Name
Your Address

Brand Authorization Letter for Online Selling

This is to certify that M/s. Company Name is authorised distributer/retailer/supplier for online
business of Brand “XYZ” at Paytm Mall.


Yours Truly


Company Name

Authorized Signatory


Date of Issue:

Valid Till Date:

Company Address | Email Id | Contact Number


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