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How to find the Best Dropshipping Niche? General Store vs Niche Store Guide

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about finding niches for your dropshipping store and this is literally going to be the guide to end all guides to find a niche.

Important Points Discussed

  • What is a Niche and how important is choosing the right niche
  • Whether you should start off General or Niche or Hybrid

This is where a lot of people get stuck. Below you will find hand picked examples of niches that are really good to start out with and a list of literally over 300 nieces just to get the ideas flowing and give you some inspiration. 

  • Specific criteria to know exactly whether or not your niece is going to be good

This is going to stop you from jumping into a niche and then two weeks down the line, failing and realizing you need to change these. So a lot of people do this. They always go into a niche and after two months down the line, they test loads of products, spend loads of money and then realize they’re in an absolutely horrible niche and then they have to start again and that is really de-motivating.

So we’re going to make sure we get you set up completely, right?

  • Activities which help you brainstorm ideas and find a niche 
  • How to do research to find the most demanding niche

So, you know, whether or not you’re going to make money in that niche. You don’t have to guess, you don’t have to gamble. You don’t have to waste any time.


So for those of you who do not know what a Niche is? Niche is a specific group or category in which people are interested in or passionate about. For Example, there is a specific group of people who are interested in Fishing, so fishing is a niche. 

It’s very important that you don’t rush this stage as finding a good niche is very crucial as it can make you a lot of money or no money at all. Most beginners are very excited about dropshipping and jumps straight into it, and end up losing money in the business.

It takes only a little bit of time to research your Niche because it’s gonna save you a lot of money and a lot of time in the long run.

How to find niches that are less saturated and easier to get yourself established in and start making sales a lot faster. 

Let’s say you start a basketball store if your store gets off the ground and you start making sales. You’ll get a repeat customer base because all your customers like basketball.

So when you hit them off with more retargeted ads, put them in sales funnel and email marketing as long as you sell them basketball products, they are gonna come back to your store. This helps you grow your business into wholesaling/importing basketball products in future.


This is something that most people don’t talk about but everyone always asks, what are the best niches to start in dropshipping? 

You need to choose a niche in which you are interested in or passionate/know about. 

There are few reasons for this:

  1. A customer is more likely to buy from a company who has a clear passion for the products they’re selling. 
  2. You will also be able to make good product descriptions and ad copies if you are interested in it.
  3. Customers are more likely to buy products based on a description which they can relate to. You can use your passion around your Niche to create emotional product descriptions which leads to impulse buys.
  4. It will increase your productivity because you won’t really feel like working if you love the niche and products, rather you will enjoy the process.
  5. You would be able to relate and connect with customers who share a mutual interest with you.
  6. Last but not least if you’re selling products you already know about, then you’ll be able to assist customers when they get any questions about the products you’re selling. This also saves your time, if you know what you’re selling then you don’t need to go and research it. So, you will handle customer service fairly well and be able to sell better. 
  7. You will also understand your target audience because if you’re interested in a niche, you’re going to know the people inside it so you’re going to know where to find them online, how to target them on Facebook.

The advantages are endless. So you need to choose a niche that you’re either interested in or know about.


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