Industrybuying seller performance incentive program

Industry Buying has introduced their new badge system on the Seller Panel, designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding performance as a valued seller in their marketplace. These badges are a visual testament to your dedication and commitment to providing exceptional products and services to Industrybuying customers.
In this seller performance incentive program, a seller will be rewarded for the good performance. They have planned to categorize sellers into the following groups (based on the monthly performance) and sellers will be given some additional incentives in case they maintain or move to a higher group
next month (defined below).

BADGE – definition
Badges are digital achievements that sellers can earn based on their performance and accomplishments within our platform. Each badge represents specific milestones and achievements, showcasing your expertise and excellence in various aspects of performing in Marketplace terms.
ADGE – bifurcation & criteria

Badge TypeMinimum
order (in
FF %SLA (Shipped
dispatch TAT)
Minimum no.
of orders
Gold2L>80%>85%202L revenue AND > 80% FF AND >85% SLA adherence AND >20 order count
Silver2L70% to 80%75% to 85% 10min 2L revenue AND > 70 to 80% FF AND 75% to 85% SLA adherence AND >10 order
Bronze1L60% to 70%65% to 75%5between 1L to 2 Lakh AND min FF 60% AND 65% to 75% SLA adherence AND >5
order count
Rising star<1L<60%<65%rest everyone

BADGE – Incentive structure

Current Month (Gold)Current Month (Silver)Current Month (Bronze)Current Month (Rising Star)
Last MonthGold1%0%0%0%
Last MonthSilver2%1%0%0%
Last MonthBronze3%2%0%0%
Last MonthRising Star5%3%2%0%

BADGE – display example

We are continuously evaluating and expanding our badge offerings to cover various aspects of your performance. As we introduce new badges, you’ll have
more opportunities to showcase your expertise and reap the rewards of your hard work.
Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your achievements and stand out as a top seller. Keep up the excellent work, and let our badge system be a
symbol of your success in our thriving seller community.
Thank you for your continued dedication, and we look forward to celebrating your success with our new badge system!


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