Join JioMart Fulfilment: Registration Process

Why sell with JioMart Fulfilment?

  • Faster Deliveries: Stay closer to customers by accessing Fulfilment Centers across the country
  • Efficient Operations: Focus on growing your business while we store & ship your products
  • Improved Visibility: Automated reports to track items needing re-stocking or removal

How does JioMart Fulfilment work?

Enroll for JioMart Fulfilment:

Login to JioMart Seller Portal and submit your Invitation code on this page here. Ensure all your products are listed for sale on JioMart Website.

Complete registration & Send your products:

Register our fulfilment center as your additional place of business (APOB). Send your products to your chosen fulfilment center using ‘Stock Transfer’.

Enjoy enhanced visibility:

Customers prefer ordering JioMart fulfilled orders due to quicker delivery timelines. We will process all these orders on your behalf from our fulfilment center’s.

JioMart delivers your products to customers:

We will pack your products, ship them to customers faster as our fulfilment center’s & logistics network operates 24X7 and uses advanced technology solutions.

Benefits of JioMart Fulfilment

Expand as Business Grows

You pay storage fees only for the products you stock. Add stocks as your business scales and you need more storage

Competitive Fees

Our special fulfilment charges reduce your cost of doing business. Lower costs means you offer better prices and enjoy higher sales volume

Quality Packaging

High packaging standards ensure secure shipment & minimal damages, providing delightful customer experience on every order

Return Management

We will manage any customer returns & handle refunds on your behalf for all JioMart Fulfilled Orders

How does JioMart Fulfilment shipping fee compared to the direct fulfilment fee?

What are the mandatory documents required to register one JioMart Fulfilment?

To register on JioMart Fulfilment service, you need to upload the following mandatory documents for verification.

  • GSTIN Certificate
  • Digital Image of your Signature
  • GST REG 06 Certificate
  • FSSAI Certificate (for food category only)

What is the maximum size or weight of the products I can stock at JioMart RFC?

Currently we are accepting products under sizes smaller than 1m X 1.2m X 1.2m and Volumetric Weight less than 30 KGs.

JioMart Fulfilment rates will be less than or equal to direct fulfilment shipping fees. Please visit Jiomart Fulfilment Fees & Bill Plan for more details.

Why do I need to register JioMart Fulfilment Center as an Additional Place of Business (APOB)?

Once you stock your inventory at JioMart Fulfilment Center, you would be officially conducting business and hence need to register it as an Additional Place of Business (APOB). We will provide all required documents to help you with APOB registration

How often can I send shipments?

Initially JioMart will send Stock Transfer Requests (STR) to you. The frequency will depend on volume of your business. You can raise Stock Transfer Orders and ship to JioMart Fulfilment Centers basis the STRs. Please contact seller support if you want to request sending additional inventory.


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