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Meesho Seller Return Claim Reimbursements Policy Change

Meesho has recently changed few policies related to Return claim reimbursements and approval process. If you are a seller on Meesho then read these policies carefully to get successful approval of your Return or RTO claims.

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Dear Suppliers, this is to bring to your kind notice that there are certain policy changes which Meesho have brought to Meesho’s claims process for wrong/damaged/missing returns etc.

1- Fair Value Reimbursements:

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For the return claims, Meesho used to reimburse 100% of the product value for any approved claim. However, from 16th June 2022 Meesho would be reimbursing a fair value of your product based on the industry benchmark of your category. 

The construct of this policy change is to reimburse the approximate cost you would have incurred while procuring the product and exclude the approximate value of margins you would have added on the products.

Please refer to the sheet given below for the fair value rate for each category of products.

CategoryFair Value
Women Sarees88%
Women Kurtis & Kurtas88%
Men Top Wear88%
Women Jewellery90%
Women Top Wear88%
Mobiles, Electronics Accessories & Small Appliances95%
Women Suits & Dress Materials88%
Kids Clothing88%
Men Footwear90%
Women Innerwear90%
Women Winter Wear88%
Men Winter Wear88%
Women Bottom wear88%
Blouses & Lehengas88%
Personal Care & Wellness95%
Health & Wellness95%
Men Accessories90%
Men Sports Wear90%
Men Bottom Wear88%
Women Sleepwear88%
Soft Furnishings90%
Women Footwear90%
Ethnic Bottomwear, Dupattas & Jackets88%
Women Bags90%
Kids Footwear, Accs & Toys90%
Kitchen Utility90%
Home Decor90%
Men Ethnic Wear90%
Women Accessories90%
Maternity Wear90%
Men Innerwear90%
Home improvement90%
Womens Active Wear90%
Men Night Wear90%
Automotive Accessories95%
Kids Footwear90%
Islamic Fashion90%
Pet Supplies90%
Office Supplies90%
Consumer Electronics95%

For reference, if you are selling a women’s saree for 200 INR, your eligible claim amount would be 176 INR (88% of the product value).

Please note that this policy is applicable to your damaged, missing, wrong returns/RTOs claim.

2- Reimbursement for RTO related Claims:

As you are aware that for RTOs, there is no customer touchpoint and the shipment is returned back to you via our 3rd party logistics partners. To build more accountability and effectively investigate any wrong RTOs Meesho is building structural checks that will be effective to curb wrong RTOs and approve your RTO claims in a better manner.

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In order to do so, Meesho is introducing its own unique packaging for our suppliers. These will be available at competitive prices from our certified vendors through their websites or other channels. A unique QR code is printed to each package to ensure that the same shipment is picked up and delivered by the field executive. 

Note: Website launch date & information will be communicated shortly.


You can refer to the above package design

Please note that as a Meesho wide policy change, we would only be able to approve your RTO claims if the recommended unique packaging is used for shipments. For any RTO claim which was shipped in a regular plain polybag (which has been used till date) will not be eligible for claims.

We will communicate the date of website launch shortly and the policy will be effective post 15 days from website launch.

3- Reimbursement for damaged returns related claims:

For the damaged return claim Meesho used to reimburse 50% or 100% of the product value. As you are aware that, for all the damaged products there is some resale value. The new policy is designed considering the resale value aspect of the product.

As part of the revised policy, Meesho will be reimbursing a certain percentage of the fair value (refer to policy 1) based on the damage that happened to the product. The reimbursement will vary from range of 10% to 90% depending on the damage range from minimal to significant.

The policy will be effective from 17th June 2022. 

For reference, if you are selling the Women Saree at 500 INR and there is minimal damage to the product and we estimate a 50% fair value then, the reimbursement amount will be calculated as follows – 

500 INR x 50% x (88%) = 220 INR            

Here (88% of product value) is fair value from policy (1)

Please note that this policy is only applicable to damaged return claims.

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