You are currently viewing Meesho Seller Revised SOP for Return & RTO Shipment Acceptance
Meesho Seller Revised SOP for Return & RTO Shipment Acceptance

Meesho Seller Revised SOP for Return & RTO Shipment Acceptance

Date of Enforcement: 23 March 2023

Meesho has recently revised the SOP for handling tampered shipments. It’s very important for every Meesho seller to stay updated with these changes to avoid losses and penalties.

Revised SOP for Return & RTO Shipment

The notification says: “Meesho always believes in rooting for a difference, rooting for growth, but together. Your experience is our priority. With this objective in mind, we have acknowledged various difficulties faced by you regarding tampered shipments getting delivered by the logistic partners. Thereby, we are introducing a revised SOP for handling tampered shipments. This SOP will be effective from 21st March 2023.

As per the new SOP

1.    It is mandatory for suppliers to accept every shipment irrespective of packet condition (tampered or intact) which is delivered by the logistics partners

2.    In case the shipment condition is ‘Tampered’ and the product inside the packet is wrong or damaged, suppliers must ensure that “Tampered/Disputed” remarks are updated on the EPOD.

3.    Post delivery, suppliers can raise a claim if the delivered product is wrong/ damaged/ used/ quantity missing by selecting the appropriate ticket disposition

4.    Along with uploading the unboxing video evidence and suborder number, we have introduced a new dropdown feature “shipment condition.”

a. If the shipment condition tampered at the time of receiving the shipment and the “tampered/disputed” remark was mentioned in the POD, suppliers can select the option of “tampered” from the dropdown

b. If the shipment condition was intact at the time of receiving the shipment, suppliers can select the option of “Intact” from the dropdown

5. Logistics Partners will validate your cases and process your claim resolution.

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Key points to keep in mind:

·  Suppliers have to accept every shipment mandatorily; if any shipment is rejected, it will be disposed of by the logistics partner i.e. shipment will not be delivered and a refund will not be processed.

·  Suppliers are eligible for RTO claims only if Meesho branded packaging is used for order dispatches; suppliers with a non-branded packaging process are not eligible to raise any RTO Claims. Please note that all RTO Shipments without Meesho branded packaging are by default considered as “Intact”.

·  Suppliers can raise claims-related tickets within 7 days post shipment delivery. 

·  Suppliers must follow the OTP-verified delivery process for digital POD and better tracking of shipments – all logistics partners have this feature.

In addition to the easier procedure, This updated SOP will help you keep better track of your tampered shipments and get their claims accordingly and effectively.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How to classify a shipment as “tampered”?

Definition of tampered shipment: A shipment can be considered “tampered” if:
• The outer packaging is visibly torn, damaged or in a bad condition.
• Any additional taping (except 3PL branded taping) on the shipment’s outer
• The label looks cut and pasted from other shipments

Which conditions do not qualify for a shipment to be declared “Tampered”?

There are NO visible cuts, damage on the outer packaging material.
• Outer Packaging is intact and there is no additional taping (except 3PL branded
taping) but the Forward Waybill(label) is missing on the shipment

3. What should I do when the logistic partner delivers a “tampered” shipment (as per above definition)?

Suppliers must mention “tampered/ disputed” as remarks in the POD while accepting
a shipment in “tampered” condition. If “tampered” remark is not mentioned in POD,
the shipment will be assumed to be in “intact” condition.

4. How do I raise a ticket once I have received a tampered shipment?

Suppliers have to raise these tickets under existing dispositions by selecting the
“Tampered” dropdown option while raising tickets. Please find the below detailed flow
to the same.

Select Disposition to raise Tickets ( Ex- I have received wrong return / I have
received Damged return etc) 

Input Necessary details like Suborder number, Packaging Video and select the dropdown (Tampered or Intact)

Raise Ticket

STEP1: Select the correct ticket issue from the support section.

STEP 2: Fill the details of the order and upload relevant evidence – suborder number, unboxing video, product image, waybill image. Additionally, select the “intact” or “tampered” from the dropdown highlighted in the image below.

STEP 3: Click on the Submit button and Raise ticket

5. What do I need to keep in mind while raising a claim after receiving a tampered shipment?

Suppliers must ensure that the “tampered” remark is mentioned in EPOD when
accepting a tampered shipment.
• Suppliers must raise the ticket by selecting “tampered” from the dropdown of “shipment condition” box on the ticket page
• Suppliers must record unboxing videos of the shipments and upload it as evidence;
following are the video guidelines.

The packaging has to be opened in the video only; cases where the
packaging has been pre-opened before recording the video will not be
considered as genuine claim.
• All sides of the package should be clearly displayed in the video; tampered
part of the packet should be highlighted while showing all sides
• Barcode on the shipment packet should be highlighted while showing all sides
for both RTO and RVP claims.
• The label must be visible on the video itself clearly showing the AWB Number
and order ID
• The video has to be recorded in one stretch, clearly showing all actions
• Video coverage needs to be slow and study to ensure maximum clarity

6. What if I reject any shipments?

In lieu of the revised Policy, a Supplier is bound to Accept all shipments irrespective
of the condition of shipment. In case of a rejection, the logistics partner would mark
the shipment status as “disposed” and the supplier will not be able to raise any claim
or dispute for rejected shipments. Thereby, it is in the supplier’s favour to accept all

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