Top 5 AliExpress Alternative in 2020

Top 5 AliExpress Alternative in 2020

If you are looking for an alternative to AliExpress with fast shipping option at cheap price, then you are at the right place.

E-commerce in 2020 is growing like never before as more  and more people are preferring to buy online than shopping at physical outlets because of the pandemic.  There’s never been a good time for dropshipping than now in business point of view.

Due to the recent trade war between USA and China logistics companies are experiencing tough times in matching the customer expectation. Due to the pandemic Epackets delivery on aliexpress is experiencing huge delays and has become tough for dropshippers to use epackets option for delivery. AliExpress Standard Shipping is another alternatives but that too is taking 40-60 days for delivery. The rising shipping price is also a concern among dropshippers. 

Below we have listed top 5 AliExpress Alternative which offers fast shipping options to USA.

1. Dropshipping with UDroppy

Udroppy is a great AliExpress Alternative specially for those who find it tough to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers. 



Udroppy Shopify App Link:

Udroppy do not have a Shopify App. You need to sign up and integrate your store from Udroppy website here. The process is simple and quick.

Udroppy Plans


You can test Udroppy service for yourself by choosing their FREE Plan which allows you to import 10 products per month and unlimited orders.


✔️ Shipping available to over 190+ countries.

✔️ Product Description Available for all products. This saves you a lot of time.

✔️ COD (Cash On Delivery) option available for pro users.

✔️ Easy order management


❌ Some products cost way more than in AliExpress.

2. Dropshipping with Eprolo

Eprolo is a FREE product sourcing and fulfilling platform just like oberlo. Eprolo stocks products in its own warehouse and also has its own shipping channel which provides 5-8 days shipping facility to US.


Eprolo Shopify App Link:

Eprolo Plans

EPROLO is a FREE app which allows you to import upto 500 products no charges. 


EPROLO has a strong customer support team. Once you signup, you will be assigned a support agent who will help you with any query. The plan features depends on the sales volume. If your sales volume is above $20000 per month than you will be eligible for custom branded box facility, custom tape, etc with no extra cost.


✔️ Have its own inventory with huge collection of products across all niches.

✔️ Can also import AliExpress products to your store.

✔️ Discounts applicable on all multiple item order.

✔️ Fast US Shipping with average delivery time of 6-12 days.

✔️ All packages are shipped from Eprolo warehouse in China.

✔️ Eprolo do not charge any sourcing fee or any service fee.


❌ Shipping in some cases may take up-to 20 days.

3. Dropshipping with Spcoket

Spocket is a paid product sourcing and fulfilling platform with 70 of suppliers based in US and EU. Spocket is one of the best Aliexpress alternative if you are looking for faster shipping options and high quality products.


Spocket Shopify App Link:

Spocket Plans

Spocket plans ranges from $19-$299  per month based on the features it offers. With the starter plan you can import upto 25 products to your store and fulfill unlimited orders, which is good for someone just starting out. As you advance in your business you can opt for pro and higher plans which gives you option for branded invoicing, 24/7 chat support, exclusive deals and much more.

Spocket has a collection of thousand and thousands of products with high quality images which are most suitable for building a branded dropshipping store. Its gives you nice filter options like to search products by country, products made in USA and products with high inventory.



✔️ Fast shipping to US and UK with average shipping time 4-6 days

✔️ Can also import AliExpress products to your store.

✔️ High Quality product images

✔️ Fast US Shipping with average delivery time of 6-12 days.

✔️ Searching for products becomes easier with many filter options.

✔️ Easy order management


❌ The base plan of $19 is quite expensive for beginners.

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