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List of Services under Trademark class 43

Trademark Class 43 in India includes services related to providing food and drink accommodations. This class covers various services related to preparing and serving food and beverages, temporary accommodations, and other services primarily focused on food and drink.

The trademark classification system in India adhered to the Nice Classification (NCL). The Nice Classification is an international system categorizing goods and services for trademark registration.

List of all the services under Trademark Class 43

The list of services under Trademark Class 43 (according to the Nice Classification) includes:

  1. Services for providing food and drink accommodations
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  1. Restaurants
  2. Self-service restaurants
  3. Cafés
  4. Cafeterias
  5. Bars
  6. Cocktail lounges
  7. Wine bars
  8. Pubs
  9. Bistros
  10. Brasseries
  11. Taprooms
  12. Taverns
  13. Wine tasting rooms
  14. Canteens
  15. Nightclubs
  16. Discotheques
  17. Beer gardens
  18. Buffet services
  19. Fast-food restaurants
  20. Ice cream parlors
  21. Tea rooms
  22. Coffee shops
  23. Tea houses
  24. Snack bars
  25. Food kiosks
  26. Food courts
  27. Services for providing food and drink catering
    • Catering services for the provision of food and beverages
    • Banqueting services
    • Wedding reception catering
    • Catering for events (e.g., parties, conferences, functions)
    • Catering for the transport industry (e.g., airlines, trains, ships)
  28. Services for providing temporary accommodations
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  1. Hotels
  2. Motels
  3. Guest houses
  4. Inns
  5. Boarding houses
  6. Holiday homes
  7. Vacation homes
  8. Resorts
  9. Hostels
  10. Bed and breakfasts (B&Bs)
  11. Lodges
  12. Cabins
  13. Campgrounds for tents and caravans
  14. Retreat houses
  15. Services for providing reservation of temporary accommodations
    • Reservation services for hotels, motels, and guest houses
  16. Other related services
    • Room service for guests (in hotels or other accommodation facilities)
    • Providing campsite facilities
    • Retirement homes (providing food and drink)
    • Social clubs (providing food and drink services)
    • Rental of meeting rooms and facilities for events


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