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3 Hacks to Grow your Etsy Shop – Etsy SEO, Ads and Shop Data

Here are the 3 hacks that are really going to help you increase traffic and sales on your Etsy Store and grow a profitable business. Now, of course, there are no business hacks. You really have to work your way up to building a successful business in long term, but these three things that I have shared in this article have really helped me. They’ve really helped my clients and my students and we’ve seen some direct results because of these three hacks. So if you’re interested in growing your Etsy shop and growing a profitable Business online then keep reading.


Now! The first hack is to use relevant keywords in your titles and your tags and by relevant I mean you want to find keywords to use in your listing that are exactly what Shoppers that are actually typing into the search bar to find an item like yours. The reason why you’d want this is because at this actually favors relevancy, so let’s say you name your item “knitted sweater”.

Wonder what people are actually typing in  is “orange knitted sweater”. If you actually use the keywords that shoppers are actually typing into the search bar, you’re more likely to show up in search; which means you’re more likely to convert those shoppers into buyers.

The reason why I want to bring up relevancy as a hack is because a lot of times people tell me that they think their SEO is great, but they’re not getting sales and it could be because they just need to use more relevant keywords.

You need to make a SEO strategy that include relevant keyword terms. For example, a friend if mine had this beautiful set of three of art prints and she entitled it something like “Three-piece wall art set”. Once we changed that keyword to a relevant keyword of what people were actually searching in the search bar, her ranking in search started to increase which meant her sales also increases as Etsy likes that so it kept pushing her listing and now this set of three is a best-seller on Etsy.

If you’re wondering well, how do I figure out what people are searching for the exact keyword terms? I really and highly suggest you invest in Marmalead or E rank.

Marmalead is my personal favorite. Click here for a two week free trial if you want to give it a go. That’s how I find relevant keyword terms because normally it will tell you the actual engagement of that term, the search results and how much competition is there for that keyword.


Hack number two is to actually turn on Etsy Ads now. I don’t mean spending money to bring sales on Etsy as a long-term strategy because I do believe that we really want to make sure that your offer is on point that people are buying it first without ads and then maybe you could incorporate a very small ad budget. But the reason why I suggest that you turn on ads for maybe just a week is to give you some really awesome ideas and hints.

When you turn on ads you can see the actual click-through rate to your listing and actually if it has a high purchase rate. So it gives idea of the keyword that has a high purchase rate and if there’s a keyword that’s actually getting people to click on your listing and purchase your listing.

This is amazing information because now you know what keyword is driving the most attention and views to your listing.

So I myself tested this ad strategy where I basically put my budget pretty low. I think it was about 3-5 dollars a day and I’m probably kept ads running for a week. And what happened was it told me which keywords people were actually clicking through to my listing and I was getting sales as well. So this told me that this is a And that people are actually searching for it to find something that they want which is what I’m selling since the clicking through to it and purchasing it. The crazy thing was a keyword. I was being found for wasn’t even something I was using so I was using similar terms but not in that exact order and remember that as he likes relevancy. Basically, what I did was I deleted by titles and my tags and the only title and tag that I had was that keyword that people were Finding Me floor and that’s more CSE our them to only show

My ad for that specific keyword, which I knew people were clicking on already. So it was perfect. It started getting more sales and after it had about maybe six sales on this item I turned off as why did I do that? Well, because I knew that the SE algorithm was now going to see this listing as the desirable one since it was converting and then I put all my other relevant keywords back in there and now I’ve made about almost 30 sales on that listing. So this is just a

Way that you could actually have the system. So using ads to find the most relevant keywords that people are actually clicking through to and purchasing or listing on so, you know, which keyword to Target and that after that listing has a bunch of conversions and SE c–‘s this listing as desirable which you’ll know because people will be buying in then you can actually turn off ads. So that’s the as hack that I have for you and it’s a really great one. It definitely helped me take my dummy shot from kind of Being a saturated Market to actually getting scene and I don’t have to pay for ads anymore. If you really want to knock it out of the park on Etsy or in your business in general. You need to look at the data and you need to do some things strategically. So my third hacks, right?



And I’m gonna tell you where to look in order to get the best results. So I suggest that you look at customer messages. I suggest that you take a look to see which listing is selling the most water people favoriting the most and what are in people’s carts. So all this information can really help you out because what you want to do is figure out what the heck is working and duplicate it so

When I noticed with my thank-you cards most of the time people are buying my pink. Thank you cards. So what did I do? I made more of that. I made more pink. Thank you cards. I saw the similarities the patterns that were happening and I just duplicated that it made more variations but still cast to The Pink theme because I knew that some people or actually purchasing then what I did was I went into my conversations. I actually search for the word color. I went through my Conversations and I noticed that a lot of people were asking for a specific color. So that was my next thing. My next part of my strategy was instead of just making all different colors. I was looking to what the Shoppers were actually asking for what my customers were asking for the colors. They wanted the size as they wanted and I created new listings based on what they were asking me for. This is seriously the best way to go about it because your Shoppers might wonder asking questions are actually doing the market research for you. They’re telling you what they want.

So that’s what I would suggest going your conversations. So true color size. Whatever is irrelevant to your listings. And also look at what people are favoriting purchasing and putting in their car because that’s telling you really good information about one thing want and I know a lot of you guys struggle with knowing what your target audience wants knowing what the market wants. I’m telling you guys. If you want to get really serious about growing on SE and building a profitable business go watch the free training link down below I go Into a lot of detail about consumer psychology ranking high in the NC search results and also driving a massive amounts of traffic to your shot. So if you are serious definitely check out that free training again, the link is down below. Now. I’m going to give you a little bonus hat because this is also been a game-changer for me. If you do want to test out a new photos or you want to test out new SEO exact ra-yu want to duplicate your listing and I’m going to give you two reasons why

One reason is is because if your listing is already performing pretty well, you don’t want to mess up your SEO or what you got going on already. So that listing so duplicating that listing will give it a neutral rating and that way you can still have that successful listing doing it safe and you can just test things on that duplicated listing. The other reason is if Alison is not selling over time. I’ve see actually gives your listings a ranking and it’s not something you can actually figure out or see

Fact is people have clicked on your listing and didn’t convert enough times or if they didn’t click on your listing at all. Then it might just be deemed as a listing that is just isn’t good. And as his eyes that your customers don’t want it so they’re going to stop drinking it. But if you duplicate that listing that listing now has a neutral rating. So now if it was your SEO or was your listing descriptions or photos and now you change it on the duplicated listing it has a Fighting Chance because it As a neutral rating as opposed to a negative rating that that original listing might have had so I hope that makes sense.


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