Amazon SAFE-T Claims Policy Explained

Seller Assurance for E-commerce Transactions (SAFE-T) provides sellers with the opportunity to seek compensation from Amazon for financial losses incurred as a result of issues related to the Easy Ship, Self-Ship, and Seller Flex programs, in accordance with the respective program policies. This benefit is applicable to orders received by sellers through Easy Ship, Self-Ship, and Seller Flex.

Sellers have the option to request reimbursement from Amazon for items that have been damaged by Amazon during transit, either in the onward or return journey. Additionally, sellers can also seek reimbursement if a returned item is not in its original condition. Amazon will determine the reimbursement amount at its sole discretion, based on the Fair Market Value of the product.

Upon processing a SAFE-T Claim and subsequent reimbursement, Amazon’s decision will be considered as the final and complete payment and settlement for the specific SAFE-T Claim.

How to file a SAFE-T Claim

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to file a SAFE-T Claim:

  1. Go to the “Orders” tab.
  2. Click on “Manage SAFE-T Claims.”
  3. On the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page, select “File a new SAFE-T Claim.”
  4. Enter the relevant “Order ID” for which you are filing the SAFE-T Claim and click “Check Eligibility.”
  5. If your Order ID qualifies for a SAFE-T Claim, a form will be displayed. Fill in the claim details in this form.
  6. State the reason for initiating the SAFE-T Claim and upload the necessary supporting documents as prompted.
  7. Provide a comprehensive description of the issue in the designated description box.
  8. Read and acknowledge the SAFE-T policy by checking the appropriate checkbox.
  9. To submit the claim, click on “Submit SAFE-T Claim.”

Once the claim has been successfully submitted, you can track the progress through the “Communication Center” on the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page. Each claim listed on this page will offer an option to view the associated messages, allowing you to review any correspondence related to that specific claim. Additionally, you can upload attachments such as images and videos from the same section.

Important Notes:

  • All SAFE-T Claims must be initiated within a 15-calendar day window, starting from the date the shipment was marked as “returned/delivered to seller” or from the date of refund intimation in Seller Central, depending on which is later.
  • If you wish to appeal a resolved SAFE-T Claim, you must do so within five working days from the last resolution date. Appeals filed after this five-day period will not be considered for action.

Requirement for SAFE-T Claims Approval

The following is the requirement matrix outlining the necessary documents for processing SAFE-T Claims across the Easy Ship, Self-Ship, and Seller Flex channels. This matrix aims to enhance the seller experience and expedite reimbursement request processing. It presents various scenarios in which a seller might initiate a reimbursement request and enumerates the specific documents and evidence Amazon necessitates for each scenario. Sellers can consult this matrix to ensure they provide all pertinent supporting documents and evidence when submitting reimbursement requests, thereby streamlining the processing timeline.

ChannelClaim reasonStatus of returnPre-CheckMandatory document required for SAFE-T ClaimClaim window
Easy ShipandSelf-ShipReturn not received‘Not Delivered’ on Seller Central – Manage ReturnsCheck for Proactive Reimbursement for the order on Payments.NA50-75 days from the date of Refund/Replacement
Seller FlexReturn not receivedNot ‘Returned to Seller’ on SF dashboardCheck for Proactive Reimbursement for the order on Reimbursements Report.NA50-75 days from the date of Refund/Replacement
Easy ShipandSelf-ShipDispute return status‘Delivered’ on Seller Central – Manage ReturnsNANA15 days from the date of return delivery
Seller FlexDispute return status‘Returned to Seller’ on SF dashboardNANA15 days from the date of return delivery
All (Easy Ship, Self-Ship and Seller Flex)Damaged‘Delivered/Returned to Seller’Evaluate the condition of the product.Image of the packing slipImage of the damaged item/outer packagingImage of Model/Serial Number (if available)15 days from the date of return delivery
All (Easy Ship, Self-Ship and Seller Flex)Wrong Item/Switcheroo/Main Unit missing‘Delivered/Returned to Seller’Evaluate the condition of the productImage of the packing slipImage of the item received/outer packagingImage of Model/Serial Number (if available)15 days from the date of return delivery

How to upload Video Proof on SAFE-T Claims

Important Guidelines for Recording and Uploading Video Proof on SAFE-T Claims:

Note 1: In cases where you suspect a switcheroo during customer returns or a successful secured return, it’s advisable to record an unboxing video of the returned product. This video can serve as supplementary evidence for your SAFE-T Claim, alongside the mandatory requirements.

Note 2: It’s crucial to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and integrity of the proofs submitted with your claim. Amazon retains the right to reject claims that feature proofs that are non-authentic, false, misleading, tampered with, previously submitted, or associated with a different product.

Recording and Uploading Instructions:

  1. After initiating the claim, proceed to “Manage SAFE-T Claims” within Seller Central, and locate the relevant “Order ID.”
  2. Select “View Message” corresponding to the claim.
  3. To attach the recorded video proof, click on “Attach File.” Note: To ensure an effective evaluation, keep the video length between 1 to 1.5 minutes per video. Note: The maximum permissible file size for videos is 250 MB.
  4. Upload the video as an attachment.

Accepted File Formats:

Only the following file extensions are permitted for attachment: jpg, png, jpeg, pjpej, bmp, mp4, and avi.

By adhering to these guidelines and providing accurate, reliable, and valid video proof, you enhance the credibility of your claim and facilitate the processing of your SAFE-T Claim effectively.

Check SAFE-T Claim Approval Status

Here is the step-by-step process to view the status of a SAFE-T claim that you have filed:

  1. Navigate to the “Orders” section and choose “Manage SAFE-T Claims.”
  2. On the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page, you’ll have the option to search for the status of a specific SAFE-T Claim that you’ve filed. You can search using the following details:
  • SAFE-T Claim ID
  • Order ID
  • RMA ID
  • ASIN
  1. If you’re not utilizing the search function, you can also access the status of your SAFE-T Claims by proceeding as follows:
  • Click on the “All” tab on the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page.
  • Here, you can find the SAFE-T Claims that you’ve filed within the last 30 days. If your claim was submitted over 30 days ago, you will need to select the appropriate date range filters based on the claim date.

By following these steps, you can conveniently monitor the status of your SAFE-T Claims and stay updated on their progress within the Amazon system.

Check Reimbursement on SAFE-T Policy

To view the reimbursements issued on SAFE-T Claims, follow these steps based on the respective shipping methods:

For Easy Ship and Self-Ship:

  1. Go to the “Reports” tab and select “Payments.”
  2. Use the “Order ID” associated with the SAFE-T Claim to search for the reimbursements processed through the claim.
  3. You can also access reimbursement information on the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page.

For Seller Flex:

  1. Navigate to “Reports” and choose “Fulfilment.”
  2. Under “Fulfilment,” select “Reimbursements Report” to access information about reimbursements processed through SAFE-T Claims.
  3. For Seller Flex Claims, please note that on the “Manage SAFE-T Claims” page, the claim amount and issued amount might show as INR 0 due to an ongoing interface change. To accurately verify the reimbursed amount, use the “Reimbursements Report” section mentioned above.

By following these steps, you can effectively track and review the reimbursements that have been issued as a result of your SAFE-T Claims, based on the shipping method you utilized.

SAFE-T Policy Terms and Conditions


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