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Jiomart Seller Reimbursement Policy

Jiomart Seller Reimbursement Policy

Important Terms & Conditions to be adhered for Seller Reimbursement Claim

To be eligible for reimbursement, a seller should contact the JioMart Seller Support team by sending an email to from the seller’s registered email address within 15 days of receiving the return shipment. A reimbursement claim submitted by a seller will be considered based on the date of receiving the email in JioMart Seller Support’s mailbox.

Communication received through any other channel, including emails forwarded by internal employees or email ids not registered with us will not be considered for reimbursement claim review.

A seller can file for reimbursement for one shipment ID per email along with the required proofs.

Documents to be Submitted

In case the shipment value is less than 10,000 – The supporting proofs for submitting claim must include

Return unboxing video or/and

(i) All-sided images of the returned unopened shipment box/ outer packaging handed by the logistics partner

(ii) All-sided images of the physical product received in return, while processing returns as supporting proof if the shipment value is less than Rs 10,000.

In case the shipment value is >= INR 10,000, a seller needs to mandatorily provide a return unboxing video capturing all the sides of the external packaging and clearly showing the shipment label details and internal product as supporting proof. The claim will be denied if the shipment label and internal product is not clearly visible in the return unboxing video.

Note: Depending on the product involved, shipment value, transaction history of seller & buyer etc. Jiomart may also require certain sellers to submit additional proof, such as video of the unboxing of the returned parcel or CCTV footage of the seller’s facility where returns are processed, video of securing the ordered unit within external packaging for forward leg shipping, etc., during the submission of their claims. Such additional proof requirements for subsequent claim processing will be communicated to relevant sellers through emails at least two weeks in advance of the effective date.

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High-Value Item (HVI) requirements: A seller needs to mandatorily provide video evidence of unpacking returned shipments for any claims raised under the HVI category i.e. Any product under the Mobiles & Tablets Category (accessories excluded) Note: From time to time, JioMart may ask for specific sellers to mandatorily provide CCTV footage or video of securing forward shipment within the external packaging along with the above-mentioned requirements on return shipment, etc. during or post submission of the claim.

The reimbursement will be based on the fair market value of the product after the deduction of the residual value of the returned product received as per the sole discretion of JioMart and all applicable fees and taxes.

For any order where Jiomart may have reimbursed proactively for lost-in-transit cases, Jiomart reserves the right to debit the seller if Jiomart find the shipment has been successfully delivered subsequently.

A seller must ensure their product is packed sufficiently and adheres to Jiomart Marketplace packaging guidelines to avoid any transport damage. JioMart will deny reimbursements if Jiomart identifies an RTO shipment has been damaged because of poor or insufficient packaging done by the seller.

An apparel in a box for packaging
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Jiomart Packaging Guidelines

Shelf Life – All products sold on JioMart must have a shelf life of at least 30 days. If a shipment containing a perishable product spends more than 33% of its shelf life in transit, a seller can claim reimbursement as per the expired product policy.

Liquid Items – In case a liquid item is completely damaged and not returned back to origin, a seller can claim reimbursement as per the Liquid items policy. (refer to the liquid policy document)

If any seller is identified to have submitted a false claim or is found to be misusing the reimbursement process or if the seller account status is blocked/ terminated/suspended/ fraud, Jiomart will deny the submitted reimbursement claim and Jiomart may also recover any previously reimbursed amount. Additionally, Jiomart will deny the reimbursement claim for the orders where Jiomart noted customer complaints or products where Jiomart detected noncompliance to Jiomart policies. JioMart closely monitors order or reimbursement-related metrics for each seller.

Template & supporting proof to be provided by sellers for filing reimbursement claims:
a. Order-ID/ Shipment ID for which reimbursement is claimed:
b. Returned shipment received date by the seller (Not applicable for lost in transit claims):
c. Item Name (s) within the above order-ID for which reimbursement is being claimed:
d. Quantity(s) of the above Item Name (s) for which reimbursement is being claimed:
e. Select the most appropriate reason code for reimbursement claim from the options below:

✅ Missing parts or components in shipment received
✅ Different products received in return shipment
✅ Return Parcel Damaged. The product is in non-sellable condition
✅ Return Shipment not received back but buyer refunded
✅ Used item or Expired Product (for items with shelf-life)
✅ Open Box (Only applicable for sealed electronic gadgets)
✅ Liquid items discarded by logistics partner Issues.
✅ Other issues. Please specify details if this option is selected.

f. Attach all-sided images of the returned, unopened shipment box or outer packaging received
g. Attach all-sided images of the physical product received in return.
h. [For all High-Value Items, Heavy & Bulky shipments], Attach CCTV footage or video of unboxing the return shipment.
Note: From time to time, JioMart may ask any specific sellers to provide additional supporting proof

(i) CCTV footage or video of unboxing the return shipment AND/OR (ii) CCTV footage or video of securing the forward shipment within the external packaging to support Jiomart’s investigation. These guidelines are designed to reduce in-transit damages and improve the safety of the packages.

For files heavier than 10MB, Jiomart recommends using online drives to share images and video footage.

Reimbursement Value:


The final reimbursement value is calculated based on Estimated Product Cost (EPC), which is calculated after excluding applicable GST, commission, fixed selling fees, collection fees, shipping fees & platform fees from the Fair Market Value (FMV).
Fair Market Value (FMV) of a product will be defined as the Average Selling Price (ASP) of the same item on Jiomart marketplace in last 90 days. JioMart reserves the right to consider different definitions for FMV in case of skewed order volumes or significant variation identified for the product cost compared to other similar items sold on the marketplace.
The category-specific reimbursement rates to be used for damaged or used item returned for each category are tabulated below:

image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4

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