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Bafulia Dropshipping

Bafulia Dropshipping in India – Ali Express Alternative in 2022

Table of Contents:

  • What is Bafulia Dropshipping?
  • Pricing and Plans
  • How to dropship in India with Bafulia?
  • Amazon store integration with Bafulia
  • Shopify Store Integration with Bafulia
  • Placing order 
  • Product pricing and Shipping
  • Return and Refunds

Dropshipping is one of the trending business model in India as it is a cost-effective model for new entrepreneurs willing to start an e-commerce business. Dropshipping allows you to sell products online without having to worry about the inventory or shipping of products which makes it a low-risk business model for anyone just starting out.

The best part of dropshipping is that there is no upfront cost. You only have to buy product whenever your customers make a purchase on your store, which saves you more money.

India’s retail market is expected to grow to USD 1.2 trillion by 2021 from USD 795 billion in 2017  and e-commerce market is expected to grow from USD 24 billion in 2017 to USD 84 billion in 2021, making it the biggest ever opportunity for online retailers. 

Indian e-commerce market is growing at a rapid rate than before; hence, making it a worthwhile market to dropship into.

For dropshipping, identifying and finding Indian suppliers that can provide you with dropshipping products is the first step in localizing your store for India consumers. Finding local suppliers in India will increase the likelihood of products being delivered on time.

Bafulia dropshipping is an great option to choose. Bafulia is a pure dropshipping company which provides an evolved dropshipping services that are suitable for the Indian Eco System. Unlike Aliexpress, here you will deal directly with bafulia only, instead of with multiple suppliers. Bafulia keeps stocks inventory and fulfill themselves.

If you want to sell on any Indian marketplaces like amazon, clubfactory  or you have your own ecommerce website, then you can dropship bafulia products on your store. You do not need to buy inventory or invest in maintaining stocks in advance. You simply list the product to your store, set the selling price and promote it as if it belongs to you. While registering on bafulia you need to subscribe to a plan based on the number of orders processed in a month. Check out the pricing plan below.

Bafulia Dropshipping Plans and Pricing:

You only bear the product cost and shipping, whenever someone places an order on your site. Once you receive an order, bafulia will fulfill and ship it directly to the end-customer. The package will be white labelled and do not any sign of bafulia. Packing invoices will show your company name and billing.

Dropshipping with Bafulia step by step

How to Register a Bafulia account:
To register as a Bafulia member, you need to have a GST No since they are a B2B company and only serve B2B customers, GST code is mandatory for registration.

Connecting your online store with Bafulia:
The automation benefits of integrating your store with Bafulia:
✅ Real-time syncing of product stock levels and prices.
✅ Automatically synchronize orders from your store for fulfillment.
✅ Order status and tracking number update to your store after dispatching.

Amazon Store Integration with Bafulia:

To connect your Amazon Seller account with bafulia, follow the steps below:
1. Log in to your Amazon Seller account and navigate to  Settings ➡ User Permissions
2. On the User Permissions page, click the yellow button at the bottom –Click on Authorize a Developer –as show in the image below:

Bafulia Amazon Integration

3. Enter the following values in the respective fields on the Amazon MWS page:

Developer’s Name : Bafulia
Developer ID: 0378-4969-9929

Click ‘Next’

Amazon Bafulia Integration

4. Check the “I agree” checkbox on the next page (which confirms that you give Bafulia access to synchronize data to your amazon seller account)

Click Next.

Amazon Bafulia Integration Amazon Seller

5. On the next page you will see your Amazon MWS API credentials. Please copy and save your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token

Amazon Bafulia Integration Amazon API

6. Now log in to your Bafulia account and navigate to Marketplace ➡ Marketplace API.
7. Click on Amazon marketplace and paste the Amazon Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token from the page on step 5 into the appropriate fields.

Bafulia Amazon Shopify Marketplace Integration

8. Click save connection.
9. Now log in to your Amazon seller central again and navigate to

Settings ➡ User permission ➡ Amazon MWS Developer Permissions, then
Enable the Developer Access Confirmation

10. Check your email to “Enable MWS Developer Access Confirmation” email from Amazon
-Open your email inbox and click Enable Developer Access Confirmation button
-If you have already confirmed MWS Developer Access earlier – you can skip this step

Shopify Store Integration with Bafulia

To integrate Shopify with Bafulia navigate to marketplace API page and click on Shopify. Fill in your shopify store name and enable your connection. 
Note: You need to update your membership in order to enable your connection.

Uploading Bafulia dropshipping products to Shopify

Import products to store
Search for the product you want to import and toggle on subscription by clicking the heart shape icon.
To export products information navigate to subscribed page to download consolidated product information/listings sheets.

Upload products to your online store
Listing products on your online store.

Placing Order on Bafulia

Once you receive an order on your website, place an order with Bafulia with the customers address in shipping. Bafulia will ship the product directly to your customer. You keep the difference between your retail price and the Bafulia’s wholesale price as your profit!

Upload more products from Bafulia, promote and get more orders.

Bafulia Products and Shipping

Their product page and shopping cart clearly indicate the real-time price, which is inclusive of the product’s wholesale price, shipping fee and GST. There is no other fee. You just need to decide the price markup and the difference
is your profit! Stay updated with Bafulia product price as this could affect your profit margin.

If you have setup through API integration, then you have an option to adjust your Selling Price automatically so that the percentage markup remains the same.

Products packages and shipping labels do not have any bafulia name on it, they will ship the orders in your store’s name.

Bafulia Return & Refund Policy

Please refer to the website for complete information on refunds and return policy. It’s mentioned on their website that returns are accepted in the case of RTO (Return to Origin) by the courier. The package must be unopened and with its original address label. They will refund you 100% if they receive the physical package or if the courier’s online tracking information indicates that it has been returned to them.

Although they do not accept returns, but they will refund you 100% in the following cases: 
Damaged upon receipt, Defective item, Shipped wrong item, wrong color, or wrong size, etc.
Lost or very late delivery (exceeding 20 days).

In some case they will issue partial refund:
Shipped wrong quantity or Missing item in order.

Companies like Bafulia are helping online retailers build and grow their business from the comfort of their home. So why waiting, get started with your Indian dropshipping journey today!


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