Is Dropshipping Dead?

Is dropshipping dead in2020? How profitable is dropshipping? What are its prospects? Is it worth starting it right now?

To date, the dropshipping business model is amply discussed worldwide. Many beginners are eager to know whether dropshipping is dead or not. What’s more, since this business model is proven to be very profitable, some people are interested in the fact if dropshipping is still so attractive to start doing it in 2020. If you’re also concerned about these questions, you are more than welcome to read this article because it’s a great opportunity for you to find the answers to all of them.

Is it worth believing in these rumors?

To begin with, we would like to note that on the Internet there are lots of articles with the headlines telling us that dropshipping is already dead. So, let’s find out where these speculations come from. The point is that the dropshipping business model has opened up new horizons in terms of regular jobs and shown itself to be a stable source of high income. Besides that, in comparison with other forms of freelance, dropshipping has lots of advantages. 

The advantages of dropshipping:

  • Less Capital Is Required : This is the main advantage that I think mostly the driver of dropshipping for all dropshippers is you don’t have to buy inventory upfront. You can start selling without buying inventories. Most of the time the main issue to starting an ecommerce business is to buy all your inventories upfront. This is not the case with dropshipping. You can start selling right away.
  • It’s Easy to get Started :  You don’t have to deal with physical products, managing or paying of space to store your physical products. You don’t even need to worry about inventories, or even packing or shipping your orders. The Supplier does all of this for you.
  • It has a Very Low Overhead Cost, since you don’t have to purchase your inventory or even pay for a warehouse to store your products the overhead is really low.
  • You can run your business just about anywhere. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection.
  • You also have a large selection of products to sell. You can pick any niche and can find a lot of different products that you can sell within that niche.
  • It is easily scalable business model, with the help of facebook ads and google ads. You can expand your assortment with some investment in ads.
  • Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? In fact, not many forms of freelance can boast at least some of these benefits. That’s why, if you want to get absolute independence and a high level of income, dropshipping is exactly what you are looking for!

Why do these speculations appear, and who benefits from them?

If everything is fine with dropshipping, it gets unclear why somebody is trying to ruin its reputation? It’s not a secret that there are a lot of different ways to make money on the Internet. And since dropshipping has more advantages in comparison with the others, those who’re interested in other ways of making money on the Internet began to spread rumors about the dropshipping failure. In fact, it doesn’t always look good when your competitor can’t oppose you, and they just begin to act like that.

Now, first things first. 

Is dropshipping dead in 2020?

No, it isn’t. The popularity of dropshipping has been rising steadily. Just have a look at the statistics that Google Trends provides on the number of ‘dropshipping’ search queries:

Is dropshipping worth starting in 2020?

As we have already found out, the dropshipping business model seems to be very attractive due to the number of reasons.

Now let’s look at the statistics that Google Trends suggests the popularity of ‘starting a dropshipping business’ search queries.

As you can see, the number of search requests including the key phrase “start dropshipping” has also been growing steadily. And pay attention to the fact that some five years ago when few people heard about dropshipping some businessmen were already making a lot of money with it. And now think about what is going on with dropshipping today, when it’s popularity is through the roof?

How long will the dropshipping business model remain profitable?

We have already found out that the popularity of dropshipping is growing rapidly. Now let’s look at what analysts say about the near future.

As it’s seen from the picture, the growth rate of the eCommerce sector is high enough. Since the annual average growth in this sector is about 10%, we can make sure that dropshipping as the main business model in the eCommerce sector is supposed to develop alongside the whole branch.

Now let us sum it up.

1) Dropshipping is not dead: The growing popularity of dropshipping convinces us that it’s still alive and capable to provide lots of people with a stable source of high income.

2) Dropshipping is worth starting in 2019 : Since its popularity is growing steadily, we see no reason to give up the idea of starting a dropshipping business. Try it because it may become the very business that will help to make a fortune.

3) In the near future dropshipping is supposed to develop alongside the e-commerce sector which grows by 10% annually.

As you can see, there is no reason to worry about the future of dropshipping, whether you have already run a dropshipping business or just think of how to start it. Dropshipping is supposed to thrive, and nowadays we don’t see anything that can have a negative impact on it.


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