Flipkart Seller Weight Anomaly explained

What is a weight anomaly On Flipkart? So as we all sellers know that whenever we make our listing on Flipkart. We have to enter the package dimensions. And why does every platform ask us to enter the package dimension? How much important it is? Let’s discuss this first.

The shipping rate that you are charged for each order is based on the package dimension and the weight. Of the package.
Every logistic company has a different weight slab. Rate. To give you an example, I have shown you the rate. Slab of. Ecart logistic. As we all know that Flipkart’s own logistic partner is eKart.

Let’s for example the product weight is 300 grams. You. Enter 300 grams while listing. And in the dimension. Of package, you entered. 30x10x10 cm.

To calculate. The shipping rate. We need to first calculate the volumetric weight of the package. So what is the volumetric weight? This package. The formula is.

Volumetric Weight = (Length x Breadth X Height)/5000 in kg

=30x10x10/5000 kg = 3000/5000 kg = 0.6 kg

So as you can see the volumetric weight comes out to be 0.6 KG, but in actuality, the product weight is only 0.3 KG.

In such cases, you will be charged for the volumetric weight. That is 0.6 KG and not the actual weight of the product which is 0.3 KG.

So always remember that out of the 2 weights, volumetric weight and the actual weight whichever will be higher, you will be charged accordingly. So it’s the prime responsibility of the sellers to enter the correct package dimension and not exaggerate it. Show that the. Rate slap change and you have to pay an extra fee.

This formula is applicable for every platform whether it is Meesho, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM or any marketplace.

So we should always try to keep the volumetric weight within limits. In case you are using a large volume packaging or corrugated box. Then you must calculate the volumetric weight and check if you can reduce the packaging size.

Now as we are cleared. About. The shipping charges. Let’s understand Flipkart’s weight anomaly.

So basically, what about shipments? Has a. Dimension or volumetric weight mismatch? Flipkart list those orders. Under wait Anomaly.

For such orders, sellers have to pay an extra fee. You will be able to view all the weight anomalies by going to the report section on your Seller dashboard.

Go to reports

Then request a new report

Select fulfilment reports

Select Weight Anomaly

Select the date range and then Generate.
Now you will download an Excel sheet and you can see whatever Weight Anomaly had happened and for what all orders you have been charged an extra shipping fee.

The sheet will look like this


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