How to Connect your Domain to Shopify

So if you’re looking for a way to connect your Shopify store to a third party domain which you have registered on any Domain registrar platform like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger etc. then you are the right place.

In this article I have explained step-by-step process on how how to link website to shopify or how to add shopify to existing website.

How to Connect Your Domain to Shopify

When you build your eCommerce store in Shopify, the default domain looks like where xyz is your website name.

You need to connect your domain to your Shopify store so that whenever someone enters your website domain in the browser they land on your Shopify store.

All settings related to the domain have to be done on the domain registrar’s website. If you haven’t purchased your domain yet check out the website below for offers:

Steps Settings to Link Your Domain to Shopify

  • Login to your Domain Registrar Platform
    • GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, BigRock, etc.
  • Select your Domain Name from domain list
  • Go to Mange Domain or Domain Settings
  • No look for ‘Manage DNS’ or ‘DNS settings’
    • Scroll down to bottom you will find DNS settings somewhere or you can use CTRL+F and type DNS

DNS Settings to link Domain to Shopify

In the DNS settings there has to be done two main settings.

Add A Record: In the A record point the A record to the Shopify IP address and change the Hostname to the @ symbol.

Note: If there exists any A Record earlier, then delete it. There should be any A record apart from this.

2. Add CNAME Record: In the CNAME record point the CNAME record with the name www to

Note: Only one A record and one www CNAME record can be connected with a domain. If your domain currently has an A record or www CNAME record, you must update these entries so that they refer to Shopify. Your domain can have numerous CNAME entries, but each one must have a distinct name, such as www or store.

Connect Domain to Shopify and Verify

Once you are done with the above settings on your domain registrar platform, next you need to add your domain to shopify.

  • Login to Shopify Admin
  • Go to Settings > Domains
  • Click on Connect existing domain as shown below
  • Enter your domain name and click next. Ex.
  • Now click on Verify Connection

Now Shopify will verify whether the setting done by you is correct or not. This may take from 24-48 hours. Upon verification, it will show the status ‘Connected’.

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