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How to remove powered by Shopify

If you are using shopify platform for your ecommerce website, every time you create a new store you need to remove the “powered by shopify” text from the footer. This makes your store a lot better, add brand credibility and authentic.


How to remove powered by Shopify (2)

Take example of any big shopify store, you will not find the powered by shopify text on the footer or bottom of the page.

Let’s learn how we can do the same very easily. Follow the simple steps below:

1. Login to your store

2. Go to sales channel > Online store

3. Go to Themes > Actions > Edit Code. 

The process is pretty much same for whatever theme you are using.

How to remove powered by Shopify (2)

4. Now go to Sections > footer.liquid 

This will open up the code for the footer section of your website.

Click anywhere on the code.

5. Press Cltr+F to open up the search bar.

6. Type “powered” in the search bar. 

This will highlight the code containing the word ‘powered’. 

How to remove powered by Shopify (2)

7. Now delete the code {{powered_by_link}}

8. Now click on the save button and refresh your website page.

You will see that the link is removed now. This is a very simple thin that you must execute on your store every time you start a new store. 


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