Jiomart Fulfillment Centers in India and How to Enroll

Jiomart fulfillment centers offer numerous benefits for sellers looking to streamline their operations and improve customer satisfaction. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Scalability: Ecommerce fulfillment centers allow businesses to scale their operations more efficiently. As order volumes increase, fulfillment centers can adapt to handle higher demand without the need for significant upfront investment in infrastructure or staffing.
  2. Cost Savings: By outsourcing fulfillment to a third-party provider, businesses can often achieve cost savings compared to managing their own warehousing and fulfillment operations. Fulfillment centers can benefit from economies of scale, reducing costs associated with storage, labor, packaging materials, and shipping.
  3. Faster Order Processing: Ecommerce fulfillment centers are designed for efficiency, utilizing advanced technology and optimized processes to fulfill orders quickly. This results in shorter order processing times, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  4. Wider Reach: By utilizing fulfillment centers located strategically in different regions, sellers can reach a broader customer base and reduce shipping times and costs. This is especially beneficial for businesses looking to expand into new markets or serve customers across different geographical areas.
  5. Inventory Management: Fulfillment centers typically offer advanced inventory management systems that help sellers track stock levels in real-time. This ensures better inventory accuracy, reduces the risk of stockouts or overstocking, and enables sellers to make data-driven decisions to optimize their inventory levels.
  6. Focus on Core Activities: Outsourcing fulfillment allows businesses to focus on their core activities such as product development, marketing, and customer service, rather than getting bogged down in the logistics of warehousing and order fulfillment.
  7. Improved Shipping Options: Ecommerce fulfillment centers often have partnerships with multiple shipping carriers, allowing sellers to offer a variety of shipping options to their customers, including expedited shipping, international shipping, and cost-effective shipping solutions.
  8. Enhanced Customer Experience: Faster order processing, accurate inventory management, and reliable shipping all contribute to a better overall customer experience. Happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend the business to others.
  9. Seasonal Flexibility: During peak seasons such as holidays or sales events, ecommerce fulfillment centers can quickly scale up operations to handle increased order volumes, ensuring that sellers can meet customer demand without experiencing delays or disruptions.
  10. Reduced Risk of Errors: Fulfillment centers employ trained staff and utilize automated systems to pick, pack, and ship orders accurately. This helps reduce the risk of errors such as shipping the wrong item or incorrect quantities, leading to fewer returns and exchanges.

Overall, leveraging ecommerce fulfillment centers can help businesses streamline their operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ultimately enhance the overall success of their ecommerce endeavors.

List Jiomart Fulfillment Centers in India

Warehouse NameAddressCity, StatePIN Code
Jiomart warehouseCantrel Warehouse, Industrial Area, Rana Pratap Bagh, Ashok ViharNew Delhi, Delhi110033
Reliance Jio Mart Smart FC (SK61)Central Warehouse, Central Warehouse sy no 52/1, Kukkanur Cross Opposite to Megha ResidecyYermarus, Yegnur, Karnataka584134
Reliance JioMart FC MumbaiPlot GA1, Sumeet Logistics, After Shangrila Resort, Mumbai – Nashik Expy, KukseMaharashtra421302
Jiomart warehouseC7PV+V4C, Sarmaster Chowk, PailanKolkata, West Bengal700104
Jio Mart WarehouseVXC9+HG9, Baroda ArjunMadhya Pradesh453771
Jiomart warehouseGhosh Para, Serampore, Dakshin RajyadharpurWest Bengal712204
D-190 JiomartJiomart warehouse, D – 189/1, Shendra MIDC, ShendrabanMaharashtra431201
Reliance Jio Mart warehouse Davanagere9WGH+P5R, TurchagattaKarnataka577530
JioMart Fulfillment CentrePlot No 54, Trambakeshwar Rd, MIDC, Satpur ColonyNashik, Maharashtra422007

How to Onboard to JioMart Fulfilment?

Register to JioMart FC

Onboard to the JFC Program by first applying for GST REG 06 certificate to add the JFC as your APOB and then completing the online registration process. All the relevant docs will be provided by the JioMart Team.

Build your Product Catalogue Online

Create product catalogue for JFC on the seller portal. Only the products that are added to the catalogue will be enabled to be sold via JFC

Send Bulk Shipments to the JioMart Fulfilment Centers

JioMart team to raise stock transfer request for the bulk inbound of the JFC catalogue product. Accept or edit the stock transfer request as per your feasibility on the seller protal and ship the products to JFC.

Track Orders, Payments and Reconcilliation

JioMart team to process all the order from the JFC on your behalf, you can track all customer orders and inventory performance on the Seller Portal. You can also track all the financial reconcilliation against all invoices.

This is an invite only, If interested please get in touch with Jiomart Seller Support Team.


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