Minimum Order Quantity: Amazon Seller Guide

What is MOQ and how can I use it?

You can set Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) limits on your low priced listings priced upto INR 500.00/unit in all categories for your Easy Ship, FBA and Seller Flex offers. With MOQ limits, customers will be able to buy only quantities greater than or equal to the set MOQ limit.

You can use MOQ limits to get your low-priced selection potentially in front of millions of Amazon customers in a hassle-free manner.

Click here to watch video on MOQ program for further details.

Potential Benefits of MOQ Program

Lowers the per-unit shipping costs.

Save time and costs involved in creating multi-packs

Improve discoverability by eliminating duplicate listings.

Benefits for you as a Seller: For Easy Ship / Seller Flex / FBA orders, weight handling fees are charged on a per-shipment basis, MOQ enables you to increase the number of units shipped in a single shipment thereby reducing the weight handling fees incurred per unit.

Please note: Only the weight handling fee computation will be on a per-shipment basis. All other fee types are charged on a per-unit basis.

How to request MOQ limits

Step 1) Download your MOQ eligible offers

If you do not see the ‘Download’ button, you may not have any active offers eligible for MOQ. Check again next day or use the MOQ request template given below

Please note: This report is not updated real time. If you would like to request MOQ limits on any new or inactive offers not available
in the above file, you can manually fill the details in the below MOQ request template & upload your MOQ request.

Download MOQ request template

Step 2) Set the required MOQ limits in the downloaded file

Update the column ‘MOQ Limit’ in the downloaded file with the required MOQ value. Save the file and upload on link mentioned in step 3 below.
If you are requesting MOQ limits on new or inactive offers ( or offers not available in the MOQ eligible offers file), please enter all the details for the SKU in the template and submit below.

Your request will only be processed if Price x MOQ limit <= INR 1000 and MOQ limits are less than or equal to 12. So please set MOQ limits accordingly.

NotePrice here refers to Final price to be paid by customer (including applicable taxes).
For example, if the item price of a product is INR 250, the max MOQ value that can be configured will be 4 (250 * 4 <= 1000). You will not be able to configure an MOQ value above four for this example, as the customer cart value will exceed INR 1000.

Step 3) Upload your MOQ request

Your Minimum Order Quantity requests will be processed within two business days. An email will be sent to the email address provided in the input formonce the request is processed.

Note: Post MOQ limits are set, kindly ensure that MOQ processed offers continue to follow MOQ program requirements, if the offers violate program requirements, MOQ limits will be
automatically removed from such offers. Refer 
help page for more information.

Download your MOQ active offers

If you do not see the ‘Download’ button, you may not have any active offers with MOQ limits configured.

This report provides you with only your active offers on which MOQ limits are configured as on the “Report Date” column in the downloaded file.
Please note: 1) This report is not updated real time. It will be updated the next day after the MOQ limits has been applied.
2) This report will not contain any inactive offers on which MOQ limits are applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What offers are eligible for Minimum Order Quantity?
A. All categories of Easy Ship, FBA, and Seller Flex offers with free delivery and a selling price of up to INR 500 per unit are eligible for this program.

Q. How can I correct/modify/remove MOQ limits from my offers?
A. To modify the MOQ limit, refer to the FAQ How can I request MOQ limits on my eligible offers and resubmit the request with the revised MOQ value. To remove the MOQ limit, you can enter the MOQ value as ‘1’ and resubmit the request.

Q. Will there be any fees for applying Minimum Order Quantity limits on my offers?
A. No additional fees are charged for applying MOQ limits on your eligible offers.

Q. What happens if I request Minimum Order Quantity on Easy Ship offers for which I have configured buyer shipping charges?
A. Only those listings which offer free delivery are eligible for the Minimum Order Quantity limit program. However, if you have requested Minimum Order Quantity limit on an Easy Ship offer with a buyer shipping charge, you will have to set the buyer shipping charges to “0” (free delivery) for the listing to be eligible under the program.

For further queries, you can visit the MOQ help page or drop us an email from the link below.


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