JioMart Fulfilment Fees and Charges

If you are willing to enrol in any of the Jiomart warehouses across India, you must understand the different types of fees charged by the Fulfilment centre for each order or product.

A. JioMart Fulfilment Fee

This includes inventory and fulfilment related fees charged for storage, packing and delivering your products to the customers.

1. Labelling Fees

This is a fixed fee charged at ₹1.5 per unit for labeling activity performed while inbounding the stock at JioMart Fulfilment Centers.

2. Storage Fees

This fee is charged for storing your products in JioMart Fulfilment Centers based on the overall space consumed. This fee is charged at ₹18 per cubic feet per month.

3. Pick & Pack Fees

This is a fixed fee charged for the picking & packing of each item fulfilled by our JioMart Fulfilment Centers. This fee is charged per unit at ₹9.0 .

B. Commission Fee

Jiomart Commission Fee is a sale linked fee, calculated as percentage of the the transaction value, as per product category.

C. Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee is a sale linked standard fee dependent on the selling price of your product.At present JioMart charges

Up to ₹500₹15
₹501 to ₹1,000₹20
Above ₹1,001₹30

of transaction value paid by the customer as Fixed fee. (Transaction value equals to the product price plus gift-wrapping charges plus any other charge levied by the seller to the customer. Any applicable taxes are charged over and above.).

D. Shipping Fees

Shipping Fee is a per unit fee charged for delivering the product to the customer.

RFC Model
Standard SizeLocalRegionalNational
First 500 gms263655
Each additional 500gs upto 1kg121523
Every additional Kg upto 5kg141924
Every additional after 5kg7811


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