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Mailchimp and Shopify now have a direct integration

Users of Mailchimp’s email marketing software may now interact directly with Shopify’s eCommerce platform thanks to a new integration.

Both new and existing customers of the two firms will be able to link their Mailchimp accounts to their Shopify storefronts via a direct interface, eliminating the need for third-party tools and laborious data transfers.

In a news statement, Joni Deus, VP of Mailchimp’s app marketplace, stated that this new direct connectivity will assist both firms’ customers drive revenue ahead of the 2021 holiday shopping season, saying:

“From Thanksgiving to Giving Tuesday last year, Mailchimp customers produced 36% more orders than they did in 2019, demonstrating the importance of having an online presence for commerce and retail firms.” We’re ecstatic to have re-partnered with Shopify ahead of our clients’ busiest season to make it easier for them to contact their customers, sell more merchandise, and succeed.”

Integration without third party app – DIRECT Integration
Merchants will be able to utilise the power of both purchasing and marketing data and use these insights to help boost conversions, improve revenue, and reach even more customers by directly linking Mailchimp and Shopify.

The two firms chose to reveal their new direct integration immediately so that their small business customers had enough time to connect the two platforms and make this year’s holiday selling season one of their most successful yet.

Mailchimp also announced the acquisition of ShopSync, an app that has been used by tens of thousands of Mailchimp and Shopify clients over the last two years to connect their accounts. ShopSync’s software makes it simple for the email marketing company to bring its technology in-house and integrate it into its platform.

Users of Mailchimp and Shopify can visit this help page to learn more about linking the two systems and generating more revenue for their online stores.


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