Ecomhunt Review – Dropshipping product research tool

Ecomhunt is a product research tool that focuses entirely on delivering information on how and which winning items are selling well.

I’ll provide my personal thoughts on anything inside Ecomhunt! What kind of information do they include with each winning product, for example.

This is a long review because I’m going through everything in Ecomhunt.

With each winning dropshipping product, what information does Ecomhunt provide?

Ecomhunt’s main (and sole) goal is to provide you with winning products, but they won’t just publish an image and a link to one.

But, a lot more!

They provide you with a wealth of information in order for you to understand how to market the goods.

Quick Suggestion:

Ecomhunt is presumably subscribed by a large number of people. What do you think happens if everyone promotes the same product with the same description, advertisements, and targeting?

Well, I doubt you’ll have much luck… I always recommend you to p lease take inspiration from these types of product research tools rather than copying what they offer!

To demonstrate what information you can get in Ecomhunt product research tool, I am taking Vortex Illusion Rug as an example.

I’ll show you a screenshot of each section of the product page, then explain what information they provide and it’s impoortance.


Jack Kaching will be your expert consultant who is always available at chat support. 

Description of the product: They will provide you with a sample of a product description to use. The product description is longer in this case and have complete information of the product.

There will be an Oberlo button, to directly import products to your shopify store. Certain product research tools offer their own system for importing products like Dropship Spy.


It would be much better if a product research tool include order processing capabilities feature as well, but with Ecomhunt you need to use Oberlo for order processing.

Images of the products: They offer you a multiple product photographs so you can decide whether or not you like the product.

Profits and Expenses: 
They’ll give you a suggested selling price. They’ll also show you how much the goods will cost and how much profit you’ll make if you sell them at their suggested selling price.

Saturation Analysis: 
This one is quite cool, in my opinion. It tells you how many dropshippers are currently selling the item or how competitive is the product. Its still not clear how they collect this information or if it’s just an estimate.

Profits: They’re almost identical to the one above, but they’ll also show you a CPA estimate (Cost Per Acquisition).

Analytics: This will offer you a quick rundown of the AliExpress seller’s stats that they recommended. They also have a button to see the reviews, but you’ll have to scroll down to see them (where they show the AliExpress product reviews).

Engagement: These are the Facebook Ad engagement figures that they use as an example. In this way, you can quickly determine whether or not the product is liked by the audience without having to go to Facebook and look at the ad yourself. 

Keep in mind that these figures are unlikely to be revised after the order has been placed. As a result, it’s possible that the advertisement did even better.

Links: All of the links can be found here. Like the AliExpress seller’s link or the Facebook ad’s link!

It’s great that they organised it this way since it makes it easier to discover things now, rather than having to scroll down to find the Facebook Ad link.

Facebook Ad Example: They provide a screenshot of the Facebook Ad with the comments in this section so you don’t have to go to Facebook on your own and look for creatives. But you should still visit the Facebook ad to see the most recent comments and engagement statistics.

They also show you who they’ll be targeting(audiences and interests) on Facebook. You can get their Facebook targeting ideas. This is similar to the previous step, but it’s a little easier to understand who to target, what age range to target, which country to target, and so on. Typically, they will only provide you with one row of Facebook interests but you should always test more interest.

In addition, they show you a YouTube video. This makes finding ideas for your video ad more easier. You don’t need to go to YouTube to find other stores that sell the same item.

Instagram Influencers Research: 

This one is perfect for inspiration if you’re using Instagram Influencers for your marketing. They’ll show you a slew of Instagram Influencers in the same industry like the product. You can scroll across to locate even more influencers!


eBay Sales Statistics:

This will show you how the product is performing on eBay right now. Such as the average product price, the number of listings, and the total number of things sold! However, these statistics will not be included in all of their products.

Sales figures from AliExpress: 

They display AliExpress product or seller statistics. This one does not appear to be working well, and it does not appear for all products (same as with the eBay statistics).

AliExpress Product Reviews: They’ve merged with AliExpress, so you can read the product’s AliExpress reviews (from the seller that they linked to). This is quite helpful as you do not need to visit multiple products pages to see if they have any reviews.


Product Suggestion:

More products from the same category have won awards. For each product, this is the last item they show you. It’s essentially a “More of this” list.

It will provide you with some inspiration, and you may come across products that you would not have clicked on otherwise. 

However, the products that are displayed in this section are those that have been recently added to Ecomhunt. So I think “Check out the newly added products on Ecomhunt” is a better name.

Isn’t it true that they provide a lot of information for each product?

This type of product research tool, in my opinion, is ideal for dropshipping novices who have no idea what to sell in their business.


Because of their example of Facebook targeting, you’ll have a better idea of who to target for which product.


However, as I already stated, please do not duplicate anything from them. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time distinguishing yourself from other dropshipping businesses.

I don’t have specific figures for Ecomhunt’s subscriber count, but the fact that they have a lot of reviews and “gurus” talking about them on YouTube leads me to believe that they have enough subscribers to make a product “saturated” in a matter of days.

Keep in mind that when I say “saturated,” I’m referring to the mix of the product and the information they supply (for example, the Facebook targeting, video ad, description, and so on).

Because a lot of dropshippers are lazy and entered into this industry to make some “quick money” or “become rich next week.” This is unfortunate because many so-called “gurus” promote dropshipping in this manner.

I believe the information provided with each product is beneficial to dropshipping newbies!

Ecomhunt has a few more features. It’s time to discover what else Ecomhunt has to offer now that you know what information they provide with each product.

Most of these added features are unique, and I haven’t seen them (yet) in other product research tools.

1. Jack Kaching(Your 1 on 1 Expert Consultant)

Ecomhunt Review: Expert Consultant Jack Kaching

Jack is one of the supplementary features provided in Ecomhunt that you won’t find on other product research platforms.

As your one-on-one expert consultant, Jack Kaching will be available on Facebook Messenger.

You are free to ask him anything, including questions on targeting, testing, and scaling. You may even request that he write a review for your store!

Isn’t this a unique idea?

This one was not present in any of the other product research tools I tried or reviewed!

2. Dropshipping Ebooks Guides


3. Ecomhunt Masterclass

The first Shopify dropshipping Q.A oriented course. 14 chapters, 70+ video practical lessons


3. Ecomhunt Winners Club

Winners Club: Ecomhunt assists online merchants in creating profitable stores using the most popular products on the internet.

Your store’s Winners Club honours your hard work and personal accomplishments.

What Benefits Do Members Receive?

For their achievements, all of our winners will receive a free Ecomhunt t-shirt and a spot on our winner’s wall!

Are You Eligible?

Winners Club is for our most successful customers who have made at least $5,000 in sales utilising our ecomhunt products.


4. Ecomhunt Blog

Get all the latest updates on dropshipping, trending products, new launches, winning products, successful stores, Facebook ads strategies, influencer marketing and much more.

I included these features because they write about some incredible topics.

They also break down winning products for you so you can learn everything you need to know about selling them. (Of course, you can also use that information to offer other things!) For instance:

The majority of these are only available to Ecomhunt paying members, however, some of them are also available for free on YouTube.

ecomhunt review blog dropshipping product research tool

Ecomhunt Review: Pricing


You can sign up for a 14-day free trial account with them. You’ll be able to test out the product research tool for yourself this way. You don’t have to pay anything if you don’t like it!

Ecomhunt’s monthly subscription fee at present $29/month.

Ecomhunt is not a good fit for:

People who seek more product research tools. Ecomhunt specialises in finding winning items for you, but if you’re more interested in gaining tools to locate things on your own (hopefully with less competition), I recommend looking out Niche Scraper or Sell The Trend.


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