Why AliExpress is the best Dropshipping Platform in 2022?

AliExpress is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world and is designed to bring  together Chinese suppliers/manufacturers and buyers from across the globe. Individual sellers and corporations from China use this platform to offer various items like apparel, electronics, home decor, etc. to a wide circle of customers. 


These items are offered for a very low price (wholesale price). The best part is Aliexpress allows customers to purchase various items in
single pieces. Low prices, together with small volume of orders and cheap worldwide shipping makes AliExpress the perfect platform to use when starting a dropshipping business.

What makes Aliexpress an unique platform for Dropshippers?


More than 100 million products are listed on AliExpress. So, dropshipper can choose any categories/niche of their choice, they can also setup a general store or shift to any of the products when necessary.


Aliexpress prices of the lowest price than any other online B2B Platforms. Dropshippers can easily sell them for 3x to 5x the cost price. If proper product research is done, then it can lead to insane profits. High perceived value products can be even sold at 10x markup and still your customer will be happy to buy.


As shopping on AliExpress is getting increasingly popular — customers across the world are quickly learning the benefits of online shopping on Aliexpress. Store Sellers turns to AIiExpress knowing that the platform offers the best value for money. Chinese manufacturers always look for the newest trends in politics, mass culture, fashion, etc. around the world, and as a result they can offer trendy products to dropship on your store.


To start dropshipping with AliExpress, you don’t need to have a
registered business. Anyone can signup and buy from Aliexpress. You don’t even have to pay any subscription fees, so you can start working with the platform free of charge.


Choosing a trustworthy Supplier is really important for a dropshipper. There are more than 200 Thousand sellers on AliExpress. It has an useful feature where you can check the sellers’ ratings and reliability. The seller’s profile shows information such as how long the seller has been in business and what buyers thought of their experience. This way dropshippers can get the necessary information about the seller and their products.

Alexpress Reliable Suppliers Details


AliExpress offers multiple shipping methods to dropshippers for word-wide Shipping, of which the most common and reliable is ePackets. Most suppliers offers FREE worldwide shipping, express shipping from various postal services  like UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. 

ePacket service is dropshippers friendly as it is the cheapest service which offers order tracking facility and delivers parcels in 7-20 days. Another good alternative is Aliexpress Standard Shipping.



Chinese sellers are always eager to work with dropshippers. You can agree on any business issues with the supplier, order for custom branded products, ask them to replace their standard
promotional materials with your own leaflets, gifts, etc., and add them to the parcel.

Aliexpress is well known in ecommerce, specially dropshipping because of the amazing varieties of products it offers and number of USA shipping options. If you are looking to start your dropshipping career, then there is no better platform than ALiExpress.


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